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Thread: Apple itunes

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    does anyone have a 4.7 version of itunes
    and could you please post

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    Default itunes 5.x needed!!

    Well heres what happened, i upgraded to 6.0 version of itunes w/o realizing it was only for MACs, and when it tried to install quicktime 7.0.3 it failed, so now i cannot even open up itunes when i do i get this:

    Error: quicktime version 7.0.2, quicktime 7.0.3 is needed to run itunes 6.0!

    well...i can't fix it, in any case...

    7.0.3 is only avaliable for MACs...

    can someone get me itunes 5.x?

    Very much appreciated!! thanks in advance!

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    Default iTunes v4.9 (Windows)

    Program Name: Apple iTunes
    Website: www.apple.com
    Current version: 6.0
    Desired versions: 4.9 (Windows)

    I've replaced my mobo and an no longer able to Ghost back my saved image containing v4.9. I do *NOT* want to install 6.0 (4.9 was running smoothly). Currently I have reinstalled from disk (4.7) but now have no support for podcasts.

    Thank you!

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    Default Itunes (Windows)

    Stupid Itunes now requires that you have Windows 2000 or XP, which is pretty gimpy if you ask me.
    I'd really like an older version that works on Windows ME/98


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    I-tunes has always required 2000 or XP. There are no versions now, or has there ever been, for any earlier platforms.

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    I'm seeking the same as Patricia. For some weird reason, the new download of Itunes from their website freezing in the middle of installation and/or it keeps installing quicktime (bar goes from empty to complete, then does it again without change). So if anyone has this 4.9 version or even the version right before this latest one which is 6, link us! Thank you!

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    Default iTunes

    i need an older version of iTunes that doesn't need quicktime, does anyone know what version i should use? I need it for Windows, My computer will not install the new quicktime so i was looking for an older version...
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    Default what version of itunes comes with the first style of ipod the 15 gig one?

    what version of itunes comes with the first style of ipod the 15 gig one? bc i had to download version 6 or whatever and my comp jsut cant open itunes anymore its really annoying can someone help me please!!!!!!!!!!??????????

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    Default I Tunes

    Any idea where I can get an old version of i tunes (under version 6).


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