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    My computer is a POS and im surprised it works as good as it does......

    Last night it started NOT DELETING COOKIES i get,theres 2 of them that wont leave the temp folder,i right click them and choose DELETE and that doesnt even work.......

    When i open REG SEEKER and choose HISTORY,24 items come up under IE (Index.dat) but I THINK THEY ARE GONE!!!!!!!!! Why does it still show these cookies that no longer exist????

    I tried running a file integrity,i tried restoring a previous registry thinking that the cookie info is kept in the registry,that didnt work either....

    The cookies are gone but they are still showing up and when i goto TEMP INT. FILES there are 2 that wont delete!!!

    I tried about 5 different programs and none of them found anything wrong!!!!!!!!

    Where is this info kept???? HOW COULD THE COOKIES NOT DELETE FROM THE TEMP FOLDER,i drag tham,etc....Nothing works.... It still says i have

    INTERNET COOKIES: 190 Bytes;2 Items
    INTERNET HISTORY: 0 Bytes;24 Items (I cant clear them) Anything new added i can,but these i cant,SAME WITH "INTERNET COOKIES"

    Started yesterday when i tried to go to this stupid JAVA APPLET to try and listen to a radio station......It screwed up,wouldnt load right,etc....Those cookies wouldnt delete..It said the file format was invalid (The music stream i was trying to listen to)

    Could it have screwed up my computer somehow???????? (THIS THING IS A PIECE OF TRASH ANYWAY,NOT TO HARD TO Mess IT UP UNFORTUNETLY)

    Im about ready to smash this stupid thing...........(Take it back down to the place that stiffed us with this and smash it in thier parking lot )

    Thanx for any help!!

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    Windows stores URL, cookie info in a file called index.dat as well. This can not be deleted when the computer is running, could also be for some odd reason why those other cookies can not be deleted, but most likely this could be some spyware, foistware tactic.
    You may need to check the file attributes, and remove those that state read-only.
    The best way to delete any stubborn file is via DOS.

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    The last i checked these folders,THEY WERE EMPTY!!!

    Nothing in the folders yet the HEADERS for the old files remain and it seems nothing can be done with them

    Why werent the file HEADERS deleted when the cookie was deleted???

    Answer: Computer a Piece of crap!!

    I swear to god all the problems i have had on this POS computer,i've only heard of happening ON THIS TRASH CAN!!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!

    1) The icons resize to the largest size (Computer doesnt read registry correctly @ bootup and re-sizes the icons to the biggest size)

    2) Crashes alot.......Does not handle memory well.........I trurly believe the scumbags who said they "lost" our other computer due to a power supply fire LIED!!!!!!!!!& #33;! They actullay RIPPED US OFF BY GIVING US THIS PIECE OF SH*T IN PLACE OF OURS.....(I wish i went to the place to pick this up,I WOULD HAVE STORMED BACK A COUPLE DAYS LATER AND CALLED THE SCUMBAGS ON IT!&#33

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    getting all wound up and having a tantrum dude is not gonna fix it, try running adaware and spybot on the system , there is obviously a logical answer but cursing and temper wont find the problem. symptoms suggest it could be adware or spyware, is your av scanner up to date ? be sure if you run these programs on it to check for updates before using them.

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    I fixed the issue!!!!!!

    I re-booted into ms-dos and typed:

    cd windows
    deltree /y cookies
    deltree /y history
    deltree /y tempor~1

    When i re-booted i found the entries gone!!!!!!!!!

    Someone on another site reminded me how to do this (I had forgotton the sequence)


    Thanx to all

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    Originally posted by locustfurnace@Oct 23 2004, 10:28 AM

    The best way to delete any stubborn file is via DOS.
    How does one do this when running Win XP ? The command prompt at best is useless i.e. everything is usually referred to as a ''Bad Command''.
    XP boot discs allow a so called repair feature with a few DOS like commands of which only a few seem to work.
    The only way I can get a true command prompt is to boot up on an old Win 98 floppy and go from A:\ to C:\ but again only a few options are available. Also when using DELETE one has to be very careful to provide the complete path to the file otherwise whole folders or even directories can be lost at the press of a key.
    I must as always admit to deleting obstinate Win XP files in safe mode which in most cases usually works.
    Maybe someone can provide a comprehensive link to using DOS with WinXP ?

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    You can install FreeDOs on your system. ( The problems that will arise when you decide to use NTFS instead of FAT32 for the filesystem. )
    You would need to create a partition to install FreeDOS on, then you could boot between those. You then would have more tools at hand as well.
    You can find a bootable CD with FreeDOS on it, then you may be able to delete those stubborn files.
    Using the delete command is not as dangerous as what the_dude has done, by using deltree which can completely eradicate your entire system.



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