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    Originally posted by http://www.pcdon.com/page82.html
    Safe Mode
    * 1 - Go to Start, Shut Down and click Restart. When the PC begins to restart, hold down* your Esc* key while the rebooting takes place. This will put your PC into "Safe Mode," whereby it bypasses a number of different "Start" options, such as printer and scanner* drivers, which may be running in the background and interfering with running ScanDisk* or Defrag.
    * 2 - After running ScanDisk and Defrag in Safe Mode, go to Start, Shut Down and turn your PC off. Turn it back on again and it should reboot into the regular Windows mode. Occasionally it may take two or three shutdowns to get back to Windows.

    * * * * * *On some computers the F8 key is used instead of the Esc key.
    Make sure all background applications are shut down. Disable your screen saver.

    See also: http://www.aarp.org/computers-howto/Articl...-16-defrag.html

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    You could also perform the ScanDisk in DOS mode.
    Thanks Pun for your reply, have tried ScanDisk in Safe Mode, and works, however I do not want to have to go into Safe Mode each time I need to SanDisk?
    if I want to defrag in safe mode, how do I do that?
    I've read those replies etc re defrag,
    If you read the other posts on defrag then did you see this posted by LF:

    Even Microsoft states that the built in defrag tool in Win95 --> Me is rather poor. it is not designed like third party apps are. Microsoft just supplys the bare minimum in a defrag tool
    Or this link Defrag_to_shutdown for Win 9x/ME posted by LF

    It was quite easy to see you didn't read what LF posted above your post about Spy Doctor cause if you did and you had of clicked on the Adware, Spyware & Content Filtering, Listing of Links you would have found this heading: Spyware Removal Programs and under that heading this SpybotSD FREE.

    As you won't help yourself by reading and seem to have no understanding of what is being told to you I see no reasons to continue answering these pointless questions. If you find this to be unfair then think about this: So far you've been told how to run a scandisk in DOS mode. You came back complaining you don't want to run scandisk in safe mode all the time. A few posts later you want to know how to run a defrag in safe mode. You are just wasting space and everyone's time. If you don't want to run the scan disk in DOS mode or safe mode then why defrag in safe mode. The same complaints about scandisk applys to safe mode defrag. Use a 3rd party defrag App. I've listed 1 above. There are other ones listed under


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    Thanks PUN. your comments are really appreciated to a 76 year old who knows very little about pc's and software, maybe you could be a little more understanding in the future and not post such sarcastic comments?????????????

    NOT everyone knows about pc's and software and it would do you well to remember that and NOT assume!!!!!!!!&#33 ;!

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    have some respect PUN

    im not an expert!

    remeber your manners

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    What does your age have to do with anything? You asked questions and they were answered. Just because you had to READ a little instead of everthing being spoon fed to you is no reason for such language.

    have some respect PUN
    When I grew up I was taught respect was EARNED not given on demand. You came in here looking for answers, and because I pointed out to you your own BS, namely complaining about running scan disk in safe mode (which no-one ever to you to do) that it was a waste of time to ask for running a defrag in safe mode as it would be EXACTLY what you complained about with the scan disk.

    Further, I quoted to you about defrag included with windows being a poor tool, which you should have seen if you had of ACTUALLY read the information in the link posted along with an APP that would do the defrag for you. Then I included the link to the posting for more APPs in case the one I quoted wasn't to your liking.

    Now you shoot your mouth off trying to use your age like it matters? Young or old, if you ask for help and the help is given, BUT, rather then READ you decide you just post another quesion hoping someone will do the work for you then I'd respond the same to anyone.

    Do us all a favor, unplug that PC till you learn to use it rather then this garbage you pulled in here. No-one owes you anything. This forum isn't here to teach you to run your computer, nor, to put up with abuse when you don't like the fact that an answer requires you to read and to think.

    I think you should check you bookstore for some good beginners manuals on using a computer or see if you can find an introduction to computers class in your area. While I do try to keep things simple there is some bacic understanding of computers and how they work needed to ask for help on-line. You have to remember that no-one can see you or fully understand your problem unless you yourself explain it fully.

    And when it seems that the person is just playing games and doesn't even try to read the posted materal unless it is spelled out in step-by-step form even when to do that would be just repeating what is already posted elsewhere, yes, I do get ticked at someone trying to play me for a sucker.

    Edited August 6, 2004

    Even though I don't ever use the defrag feature I did do more looking into it.

    The white screen when you click Show Details will stay at 0% and white while it gathers information on your hard drive. This could take from 3 - 5 minutes, sometimes a bit longer depending on the size and state of your hard drive. When defrag has finished gathering information on your drive defragging will begin.

    Special note BEFORE running defrag

    Click Start, highlight Settings then click Control Panel

    In Control Panel double click the Display icon

    Click on the Screen Saver tab

    Set Screen Saver to None

    Click Apply the click OK

    Now in the control panel double click the Power Management icon

    Set System standby to Never

    Set Turn off hard disks to Never

    If you are worried about the image of the defragger being burned into the screen without a screen saver set Turn off monitor to After 15 mins or so

    Power schemes can be left at Always on

    Click Apply then OK

    Close the control panel

    Run your defrag now.

    (I got this information and settings from a friend who defrags all the time. He informed me he has learned through trial and error that if you don't shut off the Screen saver it will run at the set time and interfere with the defrag. The same applys to the hard drive being turned off or the system entering standby mode.)

    Hope this added information helps with this problem.

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    Please......this is not a forum to abuse or take one's frustration out on another, we are all here to assist and help each other with our computer problems, (well at least that's the impression I was under), how do we know that Marty did not read all the information that was posted, please do not jump to the conclusion that he did not...remember there is so much suffering going on in this world today that a little kindness and understanding towards our fellow human beings would not go astray.

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    Originally posted by Jock@Aug 5 2004, 05:06 AM
    remember there is so much suffering going on in this world today that a little kindness and understanding towards our fellow human beings would not go astray.
    Yes, which is why I, have already covered this subject in detail in the past. What is wrong with pun simply quoting what i have already taken the time and patience to write out in another posting, and referencing it in his reply? Why does he need to re hash what was already covered?

    How does pun or others know someone has not read what was written, thats simple. If the poster did infact already read what was previously written, then the answer would have been found, and problem solved and questions stopped. But I was not.

    This forum is for helping - sometimes. But why does it constantly need to always reword today what was written yesterday? If what was written yesterday serves no purpose, then it would be deleted. The reason it is kept on the board and made searchable. is that it answers a 'question of the day' and future questions.

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    Can I run Defrag in DOS Mode?

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    TheBulbasaurfreak You asked this same question on
    Jun 4 2004, 01:02 PM

    I use Defragmenter in Safe Mode but it keeps restarting, even with no background apps running. It there a Dos Command to run it?
    locustfurnace answered it on
    Jun 4 2004, 01:15 PM

    In the thread it states, you must be sure to run scandisk before running the defrag utility. There is no dos commands for defrag. If you were running an old system (16bit), you could make use of Nortons Speed Disk, but i would not run it on todays (or yesterdays) systems.

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    Oh, Sorry. I forgot I asked that question before.


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