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    Hey. I just downloaded Kazaa Lite++. But everytime I have restarted my computer, I try and open it and it says something about missing registry keys. So I'm forced to redownload it everytime I turn on my computer. Is there a way around this problem or does this just go with the territory? Thanks.

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    I don't see why you need to re-download it each time. If you have to reinstall it each time, you do not need to re-download it, save the download to a folder in the your C: drive, such as "My Downloads", and you can install if from there. If your forced to reinstall it, just install from that folder, don't delete the installer after you have installed the app. Then you no longer need to download it.
    This will solve one of your problems.

    Since there are so many Kazaa threads, and this is not a kazaa only forum, you could have added your problem to any of the dozens of threads. Did you search those threads to see if they contained a solution? Previous thread, Kazaa Problems. I do not run kazaa or p2p apps, so cant help ya with the registry error, as I have never experienced that one.

    Are you running a spyware remover by chance? If yes, then that might be removing those registry settings that are flagging an error. Try not running the spyware app after you have installed kazaa, and start, shutdown and restart kazaa to see if that error is still being produced, if not, then the problem is related to removing the registry keys via the spyware remover app.

    If the problem is not being the result of running a spyware removing apps. then you might want to try something other than kazaa. There are many apps for p2p that does not have half the problems kazaa does.

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    win mx all the way mate fast clean and reliable, a mate of mine downloaded 15 files from kazaa last week and 9 of them flagged his av scanner not a good success rate is it


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