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Thread: Linux

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    I just wanted to know some peoples opinion on linux.
    Personally i like it.. ALOT better than Windows.. When you change something, you dont have to restart you computer... no viruses.. Transparent taskbar, and transparent windows are very nice.... Actually look like Windows..

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    not a good question to be asking on a windows software forum, this link may well answer your question far better than this forum http://www.linuxquestions.org/

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    Maybe not an ideal question on the board, but since this is the general forum; its for asking any topic unrelated to Oldversion.

    First off, Linux is not an OS, Linux is just a kernel. Its wrapped around with GNU foundations software, so it is really GNU/Linux. Because; you can replace the kernel; Linux, with GNU's HURD kernel, and it is not Linux anymore, it is GNU/HURD.
    The same GNU software used with the Linux kernel, is also found in another Free OS Family, the *BSD family uses GNU software, but NOT the Linux Kernel. But all the software is the same. Such as the Mouse & Display Manager, Window Manager, C Compiler etc etc. Both are the same software found in either GNU/Linux, GNU/HURD, *BSD and many other OS's.

    Linux operates similar to UNIX, While Windows never did. Windows just was a fancy Shell for DOS. Windows is best suited as a Desktop OS. which Linux can be a Desktop OS, Workstation OS, to even a Server OS. Though one might find FreeBSD better suited for most server tasks. Since BSD is BSD, some code was used in UNIX, Even Microsoft used BSD code, the BSD copyright can still be found in the MS ftp.exe program.


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