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Thread: Stanaphone

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    4get skype,forget paltalk...

    Try STANAPHONE and you will be given a real ACN and allowed to call anywhere in the USA and canada FOR FREE (like a regular phone)

    This is K-RAD!!!!!!!!!&# 33;! I registered and signed up (Awaiting my #)

    The Dude

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    I GOT MY #!!!!!!!!!

    I still hadnt gotton my # as of 9pm,so i requested one again and I GOT IT INSTANTLY!!!!!!!!& #33;!!!!!

    Now im all set and ready to make and recieve calls!!!!!!!

    The Dude

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    Now my problem is the audio keeps cutting out,i cant here it!!!!!!!!! (This is skype's other project) Skype works FINE,this doesnt work very well at all......i can HERE THE CALLS,but it keeps cutting in and out (Like the packets are being dropped or something)

    But seeing as skype works,i dxont know why this isnt..Im running on 98se (crappy one though)

    Any help???????


    The Dude

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    Without ever having run the program, I would only suggest that you disabled the voice actuation. Try just using the PTT (Push to Talk). This is assuming this is how that program functions, as most have either options.
    If the voice actuations theshold is high, it wont start transmitting until the noise level is at a certain level; to cut out background noise, but it could be too high, therefore not properly picking up the words correctly.
    You would not be hearing the other user correctly, if when they speak the voice actuation is not picking up, and the person continues talking, then when they say a word with more volume, then the voice actuation finally picks up a word or two then shuts back down.

    You never asid if your on broadband or dial-up, or what the other user is using.

    If the other user is on the telephone, and your losing them, it could just be due to network congestion. Which the other solution is to try at different times of the day.

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    Thats very interesting Locust!!!!!!!!

    Im on Broadband (Cable) And maybe your right,maybe it has a SILENCE ELIMINATOR and it only lets you hear it if its ABOVE A CERTAIN VOLUME LEVEL (Very good thinking...Maybe)

    This paging co. i know used to use SILENCE ELIMINATORS for thier pagers,but they disabled it because peeps werent speaking LOUD enough and all people heard on thier pagers were bits and pieces of words (hehehehehe -- I POINTED THIS OUT TO THEM(FRIENDS OF MINE))

    You might be right locust!!!!!!!!&#33 ;

    The Dude

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    I looked into this further and the codecs this thing uses...

    ARE MICROSOFT!!!!!!! (That maybe why they are messing up)

    The exact codecs are:

    CodecName0 "Softjoys GSM 6.10 CODEC"
    COdecName1 "Microsoft CCITT G.711 A-Law CODEC"
    CodecName2 "Microsoft CCITT G.711 u-Law CODEC"
    CodecStatus0 "Enabled"
    COdecStatus1 "Enabled"
    CodecStatus2 "Enabled"

    I got this from the registry -- When i saw MICROSOFT, i knew why it wasnt working right

    Is there a way to change the codecs it uses??? I was thinking of changing it in the registry and see what happend then.....Hey,its worth a shot.(Was gonna have it use same codec skype uses,but i couldnt find any codec info in the reg for skype)

    The Dude

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    The codecs are support files, the program would have to be made aware of how to use the codecs, so simply changing the registry settings wont work. It would need to be coded into the program or have the ability to use an external codec.
    Also, if it were possible, then the other users would have to have the same exact codecs.

    The "GSM 6.10 CODEC" is not Microsofts. But appears to be altered. as usual. Philips is claiming intellectual property on GSM 06.10.
    Microsoft's Audio Compression Manager includes a GSM 6.10 CODEC. The Windows 95 beta added CCITT G.711 u- and A-law CODECs to the collection. Microsoft's GSM 06.10 CODEC is not compatible with toast's frame format - they use 65-byte-frames (2 x 32 1/2) rather than rounding to 33, and they number the bits in their bytes from the other end. (Well done, guys.)

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    I tried everything i can think of so far!!!!

    I went to microsoft's web page,found out how to install the codecs (The A law and U law ones) I have them installed now,AND IT STILL DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!& #33;!

    Other people have gotton this to work though,no breaking up of audio....And whny does UPSTREAMING work perfectly? (The people I call can hear me fine,and YES locust,they are on regular landlines)

    I dunno......Could speed be an issue???? If i lose network speed would this affect how it sounds thru my speakers???? I really dont know what else to try.....I could try installing the gsm codec,i dunno how good it would work or NO work,etc...........

    But YES locust,Microsoft is the king for messing things up (hehehe,sad to admit this)

    The Dude


    I searched my directory and i have these codecs on my computer already (Even the GSM one) I dont know why its not working.........

    Only thing i can think of is SPEED.....My router sucks,my HTTP traffice slows down like crazy often (But aim,icq,irc,etc..... stilll work fine)

    Maybe you could DL this on a 98 machene locust and try and troubleshoot this with me (If you wouldnt mind)

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    Thanks for letting us know.

    I signed up

    Feel free to call me to test things out:
    Alex Levine

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    Hi Ablix!!!!

    Is your imcoming calls working????

    Mine are not .... I dial my own # and it doesnt go thru,i get a fast busy signal (Even when my phone is launched)

    Ill try yours i guess and see if i can get cha!!!!!!!

    The Dude


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