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View Poll Results: what will happen to kazaa lite?

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  • 1.kazaa lite will die out in the next year.

    1 8.33%
  • 2.kazaa lite will never die and always be the #1 p2p program.

    4 33.33%
  • 3. The RIAA will sue get a hold of kazaa lite and force it to shut down.

    0 0%
  • 4.Users will continue to use kazaalite and it will become stronger than ever.

    0 0%
  • 5.kazza will be replaced by another p2p program (example: Winmx, limewire, ares, Morpheous)

    3 25.00%
  • 6. Kazaa lite will continue to down fall (give it a year or two and it will become just a legend in History)

    4 33.33%
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Thread: Kazaa Dying?

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    Is it true? are we losing kazaa?

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    I have a more important question for you.

    Why do you care?

    I just had to register to post this

    The reason I ask is that the kazaa/k-lite/k++/kazaa lite is just another "CLIENT SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS" that allows users to swap files. If it goes away within 30 days a new "CLIENT SOFTWARE APPLICATION" will take its place. I'd rather just see users of these networks actually be more concerned that the garbage/crap/crud/spyware/adware they willingly deal with to use the p2p application is seriouslly a bad idea. I also want p2p users to invest in some ANTIVIRUS....

    LOL Now then i'll go back to putting Kazaa Lite on Linux

    In any case your better off just ditching kazaa and stealing music from your library after all they let you take cd's out by me so I can just rip the tracks to mp3's and then return the cd No Worry Here!

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    Does the word NAPSTER ring any bells? A p2p that got sued, died then tryed to return as a pay-to-use charging for every download? Napster has shown the future for any and all "free" p2p programs. And Kazaa is going to get harder then any. They share copyrighted software, music, books and movies. I'm shocked they lasted this long.

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    Napster actually hosted the files on the servers they ran.....

    The reason Kazaa and the likewise p2p CLIENT SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS havent been sued out of existence is that they dont do anything wrong. Its like suing Microsoft because you can set up shared folders on a network for friends to get your mp3's.

    I think you need to understand the technology before a true rebuttle can be enforced.

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    one possible way to stop developed of kazaa would be;

    Kazaa coder sues Sharman Networks.

    Sharman Networks, owner of the controversial P2P utility Kazaa, today found itself facing yet another legal fight centring on copyright ownership.

    But this time the tussle is not with its old sparring partners in the music or movie industries, but a Romanian programmer who claims he wrote the code Kazaa is distributing.

    nd the programmer, one Fabian Toader, wants the US court to grant him $25m in damages, AP reports.

    Toader says he wrote portions of the Kazaa Media Desktop application while working as a freelance in 2000. He was hired by Dutch firm Kazaa BV, which sold the rights to the software to Sharman Networks in 2002.

    The programmer says he never signed a contract with Kazaa BV. The result, he claims, is that he owns the copyright to the KMD code, not Sharman.

    Toader is no stranger to Sharman. It sued him last August, claiming he had attempted to blackmail the company. Sharman was granted an injunction against Toader. Sharman said his contract with Kazaa BV clearly states who owned the code he wrote - and it wasn't him. Sharman dubbed the latest suit a "shakedown effort".

    In a statement, Toader said: "Sharman has made millions using my software. I just want to be fairly compensated for my contribution."

    Toader now no longer works in his native Romania as a freelance, but is a Microsoft employee living in Redmond.

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    Originally posted by lane@Jun 15 2004, 01:43 AM
    is that they dont do anything wrong
    Have you never heard of a little thing called a filter? Sherman has. They are adding a filter to their newer programs to filter out K-lite users cause they claim K-like is an illegal App of their program. Kazaa can restrict the sharing it allows but doesn't. If they can filter out the K-lite programs then they can also add music artists, book authors, software company names (ie Mircosoft) and movie titles to the filter. But they don't. Why? Cause if the Kazaa program were only used for legal stuff it would die from lack of users. Sherman is like a bar owner opening his doors, not checking IDs then claiming "I didn't know they were 14" when the cops raid the place for minors drinking under-age. Kazaa allows the un-restricted trading that goes on and they can't claim after all these years not to know what their server is being used for. By not trying to control it, they are condoning it. I'd love to see Bill Gates sue Sherman for not filtering Microsoft programs from being traded, with his money he could tie Sherman up in any court in the world for the next century leaving them nowhere to run to try and keep the illegal trading going.

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    kazaa is dying slowly and it will get harder and harder now the riaa and others are attacking it it will nor end until its finished. hail the day

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    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>KAZAA AIN&#39;T GOING NOWHERE&#33; </span>

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    Originally posted by BEASTIEBOYS@Jun 15 2004, 12:49 PM
    <span style=&#39;font-size:14pt;line-height:100%&#39;>KAZAA AIN&#39;T GOING NOWHERE&#33; </span>
    get real meat head do you think that forever and ever people will carry on downloading dud files and virus ridden apps just to save a few bucks, i used this app many times and already its not a patch on its former self the user numbers are dropping and the good files are decreasing as long as the powers to be keep distributing dud files and flooding it with rubbish it will keep on getting worse and worse so YES it is on its way out and there is no denying it people loved it for what is was but its not what it was anymore and never ever will be

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    you have to know what youre downloading before you actually downloaded it first...to be honest out of 100 mp3&#39;s ive only recieved about 5-7 corrupt files. :huh:


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