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View Poll Results: what will happen to kazaa lite?

12. You may not vote on this poll
  • 1.kazaa lite will die out in the next year.

    1 8.33%
  • 2.kazaa lite will never die and always be the #1 p2p program.

    4 33.33%
  • 3. The RIAA will sue get a hold of kazaa lite and force it to shut down.

    0 0%
  • 4.Users will continue to use kazaalite and it will become stronger than ever.

    0 0%
  • 5.kazza will be replaced by another p2p program (example: Winmx, limewire, ares, Morpheous)

    3 25.00%
  • 6. Kazaa lite will continue to down fall (give it a year or two and it will become just a legend in History)

    4 33.33%
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Thread: Kazaa Dying?

  1. #11


    Kazaa has been dying for over a year now.

    mean while I'd like to to welcome my new p2p program bitorrent.

  2. #12


    I didn't know Bitorrent was P2P! I thought it was just a download software! :blink:

  3. #13
    Gary Tait


    It isn't (unless someone can tell me otherwise). Bittorent does not help in finding files, just in downloading them when you do come across a torrent file.

  4. #14


    Originally posted by Gary Tait@Jul 2 2004, 04:00 PM
    It isn't (unless someone can tell me otherwise). Bittorent does not help in finding files, just in downloading them when you do come across a torrent file.
    Well you use sites such as www.suprnova.org to find your files rather than searching within the client (And you can find nearly anything on there). p2p is peer to peer, although sites may host torrents, a torrent file only defines what your bittorrent app should connect to on a tracker, the file itself is downloaded from other people (other seeds and downloaders, or your peers), the torrent site doesn't seed its torrents due to possible legal action.

    Where bittorrent better programs like Kazaa is that people with only a few % of a file can upload that few % to another person, not having to complete file download in full, so can download and upload a file at the same time. It also discourages leechers, as for most downloads your download rate is propotional to your upload rate.

    I believe if you visit the BT homepage it has diagrams that explains things a bit better.

  5. #15


    regardless of what you may think is good or bad all p2p may as well get classed as unnacceptable apps, all people use them for is downloading stuff so they dont have to pay, kinda sad in my opinion, its time they were all banned, in virtually every case there is a freeware alternative to any app you could want and if there isnt then there is mostly plenty of shareware or trial versions you could use before PURCHASING an app, SHOP LIFTING is ILLEGAL and p2p is no better, its getting past a joke really with the file sharing stuff and all the warez sites and crack sites such as www.yeah you wish. there will come a day when developers dont do trial versions because of this and shareware will grind to a halt if they lose so much revenue from it. yeah i know there is a few honest folk that use it for shareware titles but its far faster to get them from a developers site the same with freeware titles. as far as music goes people are kinda sad when they download several copies of a file to get a good one becuse of all the dud files i guess they dont value their time and effort much just to save a few measly dollars on the price of a disc, as well as risking the files and stuff they already have by getting viruses from p2p as well, what a sad bunch really, and once kazaa is dead and buried then which p2p network is next for targeting ? p2p is merely internet shoplifting , get a life BUY your stuff

  6. #16


    Are we losing Kazaa..?

    Well, I hope so regarding to how bad that network is and just how many newbees putting out bad things and companies feeding the Sharman Network with trojans...

    To start with: The idea of having centralized servers like on Kazaa is bad for ya..!!

    Dont matter if ya use K-lite cuz you still support that ugly built network which is is a bad thing to do...

    It is really bad and you should get on to something better where real stuff are like ed2k-network,BT or whatever..

    Personally I would recommend ed2k (that is emule) because its more about sharing and ppl HAS to share more there which makes it a good P2P-network with all the things that P2P is about: community and sharing..cuz it filters out the leechers!!!

    ...not like on Kazaa where ppl just leech...

    To the "Guest" over me: Get a clue..!! :lol:

  7. #17


    Kazaa Lite is the best out there. Not for the network, I could give a damn about the type of network it is. I am saying that it is the best functionally. I like everything about the UI of KL. And Don't dis shoplifters -- er... I mean p2p users.


  8. #18


    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=green] [SIZE=7]FORGET KAZAA!!!!!![SIZE=1] theres a new and BETTER P2P sharing app. out there, its called Warez P2P and theres another called Shareaza. they're both great apps. and i've found them to be unbelievably better than kazaa or kazaa lite. so download them TODAY! B)

  9. #19


    the second claim, I must answer, no. As for the first, it could very well be. I will check it out.


  10. #20


    If yer after the newest releases by the groups then Bittorrent/ed2k or Shareaza (which is both) is better and ya find absolutely EVERYTHING there but if yer after newbie-releases and a truckload of viruses then Kazaa is the one to choose..

    ed2k is only useful for the big files like movies,games,full albums,ISO:s,DVD:s etc, so if yer after mp3:s , I would recommend Soulseek which is very,very good when it comes to finding rare mp3:s + it has chat and stuff..

    The way Kazaa is nowadays with abolutely nothing regarding how much ya can find on the network and all the viruses and shit ,it gonna die slowly cuz more and more change to any of the better P2P:s so there will be nothing left but the trojans,RIAA and such...

    Heres some P2P-appz:







    Bit Tornado (in my opinion the best BT-client)


    ...and here ya find releases:

    Good release site for ed2k:

    http://www.shareconnector.com (games,soft,adult,movies etc. and a big forum community)

    For BitTorrent:

    http://www.suprnova.org (movies,games,series,soft,music and more by the minute

    See Ya !


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