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    i really dont know this site or anything. i dont have time to site around and search this forum to find if this question has been covered yet-so don't trip (ya know who you are&#33 WHEN I DOWNLOAD LIME WIRE (THE LATEST VERSION) WILL IT BE LIKE KAZAA AND HAVE A LOT OF AD-WARE/SPYWARE? JUST WONDERING CUASE IM LOOKING FOR ANOTHER P2P PROGRAM...BY THE WAY ANY SUGGESTIONS? :blink:

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    it sure does buddy...youll have to pay them $30 to get the ad free version. Download kazaalite or Ares...or maybe even WinMx...none of those have any of that B.S.

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    Originally posted by MP3-guy@Jun 15 2004, 12:42 PM
    i really dont know this site or anything.
    So that is a perfect excuse not to follow the forums guidelines? Everyone else is new here too, and they can; for the most part, read past posting, This is not exculsive to this forum, but all forums suggest you search before posting, especially if your a new person on the board. Its sometimes referred to as netiquette.
    Other regular members who are here longer than the new people, get tired of new users coming on this forum and saying they are 'special' and do not need to follow the guidelines. and they ask their question, which 99 times out off 100, its been asked already; once, twice, three times or more.
    Just by you stating "you dont have the time to search' does not mean you can over step and post anyway. There is a search feature, which works no differfent than google. Use it.
    Yes, i know you are referring to me when you say (ya know who you are&#33 .
    Simply pointing out that, your not going to make me not reply.
    I will reply as i do with all the same posts from people too lazy to search.

    This thread is now closed as this you could have posted this into an existing thread, without the need to start yet another useless thread.

    For those who simply can't press the search button, here is the "previous thread for limewire" 5 lines down in the board.


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