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    John Zimmerman


    Email ferret and phone ferret were freely available from ferretsoft.com around 1999/2000. They are no longer available for download and I don't think the current version of web ferret supports these features.

    They don't state why they were removed but I found them pretty handy once in a while. Once I was shipped an extra package from an online vendor. The correct packing slip was inside the box. I looked up the guys email address from his Texas shipping information. I emailed him querying if he had made an online purchase from the company and asked him to identify it. It was the correct guy and I made arrangements with the vendor to have it shipped to the correct address.

    Worked well for me.

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    Dec 2002
    Florida, USA


    Are you requesting anything? Reading your post it doesn't seem like a request. If it isn't a request, then it should be in General. If it is, please read the bold topic in this forum.

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    Default Free Emailferret

    Does anyone in here know where I can download a free copy of emailferret please? I used to have it on my computer but deleted it a long time ago and now I can't find it. Thank you

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    here is an existing thread you could of added to http://www.oldversion.com/talk/showt...t=Email+ferret which highlights what usually happens when a request is not made properly (ie no answers )
    simply me

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    Default Email Ferret

    Can anyone help me to download email ferret. As this program cannot be download anymore, has some one out their can help me?


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    Quote Originally Posted by AusMoose View Post
    Can anyone help me to download email ferret. As this program cannot be download anymore, has some one out their can help me?

    Perhaps you learn by AusMooses so if we repeat it enough it may get through ,to help ensure an efficient forum please read & follow the pinned topic in the request forum

    EmailFerret version 2.0000 <<<< direct



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