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    hey ppl, hears my problem with kazaa lite. i got the newest kazaa lite and it has problems with freezing when it is downloading a movie song tex ecs. it frezzes for about a min then it goes back to running normaly, then mabey when i download something else i have the accasional frezze, then in about a min it goes back. its p***ing me off and that damn locustpantry or wth ur name is dont tell me this post has been posted in the pass so search the forum..its not

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    the use of bad language in your posts doesnt make you clever, silly little boys use fowl language to get attention, and aiming an insult at the moderator will get this thread locked, search the forum there is a link there to a kazaa forum try asking st that forum about your problem , they are kazaa dedicated users, and please do not reply me although i think this thread will be locked because its unnecessary

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    Pantry? You obviously cant read, and insulting the Mod, thats really going to help your situation?
    As the forums moderator, I'll tell you to search the forum if the question has been asked already. If your unable to manipulate the search feature on the forum for a simple solution, your obviously not capable of fixing the problem when you do have the answer.
    Even if the same question was not already asked, the guidelines are to post similar related questions in similar threads. And since there are several dozen kazaa threads, you could have posted into an exisitng one. Starting a new thread, thats just wasteful, wasting your time and our time.
    Each little problem someone comes up with, does not mean it needs its own special thread, lump em together! It's more useful to all visitors in the long run if similar problems & solutiond are contained in a single thread, not scattered across the board.
    Since this is NOT a dedicated kazaa board, its just an app hosted here, which has gotten its fair time-share on the BB, let other apps get their time on the board.

    Your thread is being locked, not because its been asked before, but because your not even considerate enough to warrant an answer! You dont want help, else you would not be insulting and using 'bad language'. Being rude, gets ya nothing.


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