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Thread: Sharman

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    Alex P


    in the letter from sharman concerning kmd and k-lite, why do they spell it in some lines as "s-h-a-r-r-n-a-n" instead of their said "sharman" it was clearly noticeable to me, but just to make sure i checked it on adobe acrobat and the mistake was type more than once. Anyone like to jump to any conclusions? :lol: anyways, i hope k-lite will be back soon, because I, myself need to reinstall a copy of my K-lite..quite fond of it but it is true.. how the _____ am i supposed to get from the Sharman site?

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    Jeff S (Australia)



    I think "Sharman" is doing what "Metallica" did to them. "Your marketing our product, now pay up or we'll sue".

    I find it funny how this small company complains about how your marketing their older versions, yet Microsoft or AOL dont come after you because you provide older versions of their respective clients.

    The way that some companies treat smaller individuals who help those who need help because the companies dont support anybody except their wallets.

    Well thats my 10 cents.


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    Dec 2003


    Jeff S from down-under wrote
    I find it funny how this small company complains about how your marketing their older versions,
    I think marketing is not quite the right word Jeff as it implies selling which this site does not do.
    I agree that it does sound as if they are shooting themselves in the foot as any version of a product should reflect well on the company who originally produced the application.
    However maybe they (Sharman) realise that old versions of their product do not ship with bucket loads of ad-ware from where they generate revenue.


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