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Thread: Have Your Say

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    fed up


    come on you regulars at old version we are all sick of salopette and his pushing of kazaa all the time give the moderators your views and lets get it stopped, if you want old version back to normal without this continual crap going on add your views to this thread,i truly admire the members here and all the valuable assistence they offer ,why put up with this kind of rubbish spoiling a fantastic site. come on back this thread and lets get back to normal.. <_<

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    Dec 2003


    Your topic might carry a bit more weight if you had bothered to register.

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    May 2003


    go for it, im sick to the guts of it, and registered or not people should have there say,this subject has been inside out on the forums and no more to be said about it really, yet i see today that the subject has been started again in yet another thread. where is this madness going to end, i personally wish all threads on this subject be locked so they cannot be dragged to the top of the forums again and new threads deleted as they appear, and if a member keeps on at the same unnecessary subject, then ban the member, either that or it will ruin a damn good site.
    simply me

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    the observer


    Originally posted by Jaime Andrés@Feb 7 2004, 08:14 AM
    Your topic might carry a bit more weight if you had bothered to register.
    there are people such as myself who do not feel the need to register, i greatly enjoy reading the listings and am not as lucky as some to have the ability to find all these programs and answer all the questionsas you dedicated members obviously do, however we can all see that this kazaa lark is majorly spoiling a really good informative site that is usually brilliant to visit. obviously the topic starter sees this the same way and thought it worthy of a topic. i think it should be stopped now as well before people stop coming to the site because of it. thanks

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    Has anyone noticed this thread is prolly posted in the wrong forum &#33;
    Lol I guess I&#39;m too slow to save you&#39;re a*s salopette
    but salopette did have something to offer and has very slowly learnt to improve posts. Kazza.... is featured on O.V.com and there is no denying it is a popular concern much like the msn storm that affected the forum awhile back. If salopette learnt to minimise the appearance of upheaval in the kazza p2p community by posting in a manner that encouraged requestors to read existing threads or seek help in forums more suited to the application it would do more to show unity and stability for the application than posting large change logs ,derivatives,& releases.
    Not many will be attracted to software under that kind of strain.
    It would be nice to think all posters strive to improve their posts , it was the quality of answer and lack of self and site promotion that initially attracted me to spend time at O.V. forums it seemed a kind of oasis on the net.
    Unfortunately seemingly since the recent tech tv publicity that flavor may have been tainted.
    Also everyone (you think&#33;) has seen the concerted effort to require posters to search forum & supply basic details to help fulfill their requests, this appears to be a hard row (difficult) as the forum is treated like a drive through fast food outlet with the rubbish thrown out the window , although a noble cause to teach some basic manner & respect for forum it is boring to post & boring to read in every thread & it is hard to see the end of it without guest posting disabled.
    I think people are (maybe)more likely to search & read the forum before registering & may then get some feel for the forum before posting
    Perhaps the forum could also do with Help/FAQs makeover.
    Guest posting was disabled in the past and I am interested to hear from members from that era on what effect it had on the forum after the calls for it to be implemented in this thread : Please Register I would be happy to see reply in either thread.
    Also remember the "cr*p" we see is prolly the tip of the iceberg that the mod&#39; gets to deal with via p.m./mail.
    b.t.w fedup you may then need to register.
    dont be frightened to register the observer the mod&#39; dosent bite (much).

    p.s. not particularly pro disabling guest posting just curious.
    p.p.s nearly fogot some commas ,,,,,

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    i apologise for starting this topic all you regulars are obviously not bothered by this spamming and will gladly let it carry on i think it a shame that that the mod of this forum seems to not get any feedback of what members think about this spamming or maybe he may have more options for bringing it to a halt he must of wasted countless amounts of his time answering to this c**p LF you do a great job man keep it up

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    i must agree with this topic , ive only been looking through the forums for a cuple days and it seems endless wadin through all the kazaa threads and then mainly its mostly innacurate. i have used kazaa since day one it came out and most of the threads are innacurate and some even bad advice, i find it very funny but believe me you kazaa guys really want to listen to some advice and visit a good kazaa forum i see some have been listed here, and if you think you know all about kazaa think again . you dont know nothing, the proper kazaa forum boys know it inside out let them sort your problems and leave this forum in peace, you will not learn much about kazaa from people who know nothing about it, END IT NOW

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    Lately a lot of old topics have been dragged up that are months or years old. And usually the bumper has nothing to add to the topic except to say "I agree" or to state that a suggestion made by someone else so long ago that it most likely has been acted on would work. Why bother? Is it just to up your post count? To bring a dead subject like Kazaa back to the top, or just to be annoying?

    In what way does a few words with no content help anyone?

    If you are going to drag up old posts at least fill the request otherwise with some useful advice or the link that supplies the requested App. At least that way it benifits more then the bumper&#39;s post count.

    I suppose it would be too much to ask though that people think before they type, "Is the post I&#39;m about to add going to REALLY help someone, is the request I am asking for more information on so old that it doesn&#39;t matter anymore or am I just doing this to bump the topic, be annoying or increase my post count?&#39;

    I would like to think people will read this and it will benefit them but I won&#39;t hold my breath.

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    Of course your points are valid pun but this phrase made me lol on O.V.com :)
    Originally posted by pun @ Jul 22 2004, 04:21 PM
    is the request I am asking for more information on so old that it doesn&#39;t matter anymore..

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    Please do not bump old topics unless there is a very good reason for you to do so.
    Alex Levine


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