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    After running a my spyware scan to see if i had any infections i am advised that i have the following infections:

    Alexa related...........C:\Windows\Web\re lated HTM - replace file
    DSO Exploit.............H Key_users\default\software/microsoft/windows - registry change
    Unknown................Bookmark - IE search URL H Key _ current User\software\microsoft tracking cookie - registry change

    I have no idea what all this means, have checked the appropriate manufactures web site/help page, tells me nothing not sure if i would be deleting stuff that is in the windows registry?


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    you didnt say whether you run an online scan or a program you have installed , for information on spyware removal programs and security related programs use this link http://www.oldversion.com/talk/index.php?a...t=ST&f=2&t=1405 also search the forums as there have been other threads relating to spyware adware etc

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    What program did u use?

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    --Hello Pussnboots

    The only thing i can give you info on is

    Alexa related...........C:\Windows\Web\re lated HTM - replace file
    As far as i know from experience Alexa has to do with Internet Explorer and is harmless.. It can be ignored or removed! It gets installed with internet explorer 6.. and if you repair or re-install it will come back

    Good luck!

    Ps: Usually the things that spyware detectors find are bad! and can be harmful and slow down your computer.. so its safe if you remove them, but if your not sure, you should quaranteene them.

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    The fastest way to find out info on these suspected filenames, would be entering each into google.com.

    alexa's toolbar service collects and stores information about the web pages you view, the data you enter in online forms and search fields, and, with versions 5.0 and higher, the products you purchase online while using the toolbar service. although alexa does not attempt to analyze web usage data to determine the identity of any alexa user, some information collected by the toolbar service is personally identifiable. alexa aggregates and analyzes the information it collects to improve its service and to prepare reports about aggregate web usage and shopping habits.
    The "DSO Exploit" was first reported by GreyMagic Software of Israel on February 27, 2002 and a "workaround" for Microsoft's defective code was provided by Axel Pettinger and Garland Hopkins on March 3, 2002 involving the editing of the Windows registry to alter values contained within Internet Explorer's Internet Zones configurations.

    The above site has a tool to fix this problem


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