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    I need to get Media Match Jukebox and Real Player for Windows 95. What versions are compatible with it? Gracias to all who tell me.

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    Real Media do offer historical versions of the codec player


    I dont know of Media Match .. do you mean Music Match perhaps ?

    There are plenty of good free jukebox players out there.
    As I dont run 95 I cant realy help on MediaMatch.

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    upgraded from 8.2 to the new 9.0. Now the "Convert files" feature is very, very slow. Have it on a P4 1.5mzh with 512megs ram. Tried to convert 10 mp3's that were encoded @ 256 down to 128. 30 mins later it was still trying to decode them down to 128. Fired onld 8.2 up on a 800mhz P3 with 128megs of ram... 10mins later all 10 mp3's re-coded from 256 to 128. Avoid MMJB 9.

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    Yeah, I have Windows ME and when I tried to download new skins it froze my computer every time. Luckily, there's oldversion.com with good ol' version 6.1 (the last one before it got really slow?).

    You know, I may have a pre-version 5 version somewhere... Maybe I can donate it.

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    Hey, since there's this big deal with the new Musicmatch and I've decided to downgrade, which is the best version?

    Right now I'm using 6.1 because it was before everything got really slow but after it did secondary sorting of my library (sort based on genre but sort within that by track title, for example). Unfortunately, I don't think it has automatic album art lookup and I'm sure it is missing other things. Is there a different one I should be using?

    (Or maybe there's another way to get ahold of the album art without upgrading...)

    Anyway, what's your opinion?

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    Good Question DC ...

    I don't really have an answer to your question because that's why I'm in here too.

    I originally had ver. 4.0, I upgraded to ver. 7.50 and began using it at that time and before I knew it I had myself upgraded to ver. 8.20, that's when I realized that I had much more than I wanted or needed... I think the word is "bloated".
    Sometimes less is better but I lived with it although it has too many lights, bells and whistles for my liking, then today this thing appears....
    We are unable to verify your Musicmatch® Jukebox Plus upgrade key. Your key will soon expire and the Plus features will be disabled.

    I'm looking for the best version to downgrade to so that I can avoid all of the extra BS.
    I'm taking a look at MusicMatch Jukebox 7.2 (8.9 MB) it's actually smaller than the earlier MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0 (9.4 MB).

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    Try using an alternative to MMJB.
    Quintessential should cover most of what MMJB does, and Quintessential is free.

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    Thanks for the reply and the suggestion about Quintessential...

    Quintessential is a familiar GUI with lots of skins available since they have three forums dedicated to Skins.... General Skin Discussion, Help and Skin Development. I'm searching for function without all of the "light bells and whistles". I'm sure that Quintessential is a fine player but I'm looking for simple ... Last thing I want to do here is put anything down, specially when it's a freebie.

    I've been looking at Foobar2000 and since I'm not sure what version MM Jukebox does the job w/o the extras. I'm leaning to try Foobar2000.


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    if you need more info on music match changes through version i dug up this piece on the history of versions , Version 6.0 - 11/22/00

    MusicMatch Radio
    Considers personal listening habits and those of like-minded MusicMatch community members when creating your playlist.
    Share your favorite MusicMatch Radio stations with friends.
    Create Artist Match stations based on music from your favorite artist
    Select a mix of your favorite music genres to make customized stations with Station Match
    View online artist and song information while listening with the MusicMatch Music Guide
    Know what was played via the always-saved playlist history
    Skip to the next song in the radio playlist
    High-quality listening experience
    18 professionally programmed, popular-genre stations
    Avoid drop-outs during songs and gaps between songs with proprietary buffering technology
    Listen to high-quality audio with high-speed internet connections
    New Look and Feel
    Control your music with the new, easier-to-use, sleeker, and more powerful user interface.
    Access key areas quickly with the easy-to-access new tab design including My Library, Radio Stations, Music Guide and Now Playing.
    Get help when needed with easy-to-understand Help files, Getting Started Guide and our Tip of the Day for quick hints and tips.
    Enhanced Music Experience
    Experience true high fidelity audio from your MusicMatch Jukebox with DFX plug-in
    Get music recommendations, charts, free downloads and what's new in the world of music with the redesigned Music Guide.
    Customize the look and feel of your MusicMatch Jukebox with new skins and visualizations.
    Integrate album cover art into your desktop with MusicMatch Wallpaper (Plus version only).
    Add cover art, lyrics, notes, bios and other info to your music with powerful new song tagging controls.
    Scroll through visualizations, videos and cover art at the touch of a button with the new Media Window design.
    Version 5.10.118 - 3/21/00

    Find and download free music - more than 40,000 songs - via the MusicMatch Guide
    Get more frequent and better tailored music recommendations in the MusicMatch Guide
    Plug in to great new visualizations (White Cap and G-Force) from eye-candy guru Andy O'Meara
    Enhanced help files
    Version 5.00.171 - 3/27/00

    Minor bug fixes.
    Version 5.0

    CD-quality MP3 recording at up to 320 kbps in the free version
    Integrated 2-click CD burning at up to 2x
    Online "Track Info" window that provides instant information on the musicians and albums being played.
    A newly designed online "MusicMatch Guide" with personal music recommendations and "MusicMatch Charts"
    Support for visualization plug-ins
    Automatic download of software updates via Marimba technology
    Windows 2000 support
    Improved portable MP3 player support (including RCA Lyra support)
    Plus Version: Faster CD recording and support for maximum hardware speed CD burning - up to 6x
    Plus Version: 20 percent faster MP3 encoding
    Plus Version: Print custom CD-R jewel case inserts with album art and track titles
    Plus Version: Print the inventory of your Music Library and Playlist by track, artist, etc.
    Plus Version: Enhanced equalizer with custom presets - save settings for different music or situations.
    Plus Version: Custom genre tagging
    Version 4.5

    Net Radio powered by RocketRadio - Tune in to thousands of Internet radio stations, in 40 different formats, using Net Radio powered by RocketRadio MusicMatch Jukebox now offers an integrated Internet radio tuner. The new Net Radio feature allows access to over 2,500 online radio stations worldwide, in nearly forty genres. Select a radio station and view station specific information such as physical location, broadcast frequency, digital audio file format, program schedule, and more.
    Version 4.4

    Streaming Windows Media Video
    New NetMusic Design with Personalized Music Recommendations from Top-Tier Online Music Partners
    New Folders View in Music Library
    QuickPlay System Tray Launch
    MusicMatch Alarm Clock
    Version 4.3

    New Fraunhofer Encoder - Record songs with superior sound quality at up to 12x faster than playback speed - 40% faster than was previously available.
    Net Music Customization - Users can choose to upload their digital music listening histories to the MusicMatch servers, and in return recieve individually personalized recommendations that match their listening histories and genre preferences.
    Version 4.2 - 9/29/99

    MP3 streaming
    WMA (Windows Media Audio) support
    The "Net Music" feature, which helps you find new music online from within the player interface
    New downloadable themes
    and more
    Version 4.05.0026 - 7/21/99

    Added a faster database
    Improved/higher quality recording
    Cut & paste art tagging
    Two new themes
    Version 4.00

    Record an unlimited number of MP3s at near-CD quality in the standard free version of MusicMatch Jukebox
    New line-in recording allows you to record MP3s from vinyl, cassette or microphone sources
    Advanced recording capabilities such as fade control, volume normalization, clipping, and the ability to play music in real time while recording
    User-configurable music library and an easy to use automatic playlist creator (AutoDJ)
    Play back enhancements such as an equalizer and an integrated CD player
    Support for GUI "themes" allows users to customize the look of the MusicMatch Jukebox 4
    40% smaller download with a completely new, more efficient code base
    Version 3.1

    Custom file naming options
    File saving enhanced with sub-directories
    ID3 tag support
    Track Information screen (File Tagging) redesigned
    Tag screen access from Track Info screen
    Version 3.0

    New GUI with size adjustments
    Custom compression modes: Constant Bit Rate encoding & Variable Bit Rate encoding
    Extended file tagging features and solution for redundant entry
    One step record and file delete
    Button function redundancy in menu format


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