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Thread: Getdataback

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    Default Getdataback

    I am looking for GetDataBack for FAT v 2.0 if any one here have the link to downoad this software then do guide me. I found one link on download.com but that ia its version 2.3 morover it is not registered so i can't recover my data .

    Thanx in advance

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    does anyone know a good data recovery software, the use i need it for is for recovering photos from my hard drive that i lost a few months back,they were moved to the recycle bin and we forgot that we hadnt yet put them on cd, any way they were emptied from the recycle bin by accident and ive heard that with software i maybe able to recover them, i look forward to your views on this matter, if indeed you agree that this is possible or not.

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    I use this app, have tried many recovery apps in the past, but i found this one to be much more powerful then those, as it can and has, recovered data from a reformatted drive.


    if your running win9x/me you will want the Data Recovery for FAT V2.22,
    if running Nt/2k/XP and using NTFS, then you will want the Data Recovery for NTFS V2.22

    The problem with recovery can be that once you mark something for deletion, the cluster is market as empty, and any new data written to the disk will be allowed now to overwrite that cluster, so recovering data that was lost months ago, may no longer be recoverable if you have installed new apps, or surfed the net without a seperate partition housing the Internet Temp files. Since those actions require free space and writes to the disk, which might end up writting over your lost files.
    It is best to recover right after you lost data. so that nothing is given the chance to overwrite those clusters. much better chance of recovery if done as soon as possible.

    Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier FREE, The program allows you to attempt recovery of files from a physically or logically damaged disk. The program will attempt to recover as much data as possible without giving up once an error is encountered. It is also useful for copying data when the copy process may be interupted at which stage you can simply use the resume function to continue.

    more older versions found elsewhere on the forum

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    Hello everyone...

    is any one have a software Getdataback for NTFS version 2.31
    i need it urgent 'cause my harddisk got formatted and i need to recover my data.

    thanks a lot

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    I am not sure if you know about or tried this one:
    It worked like a dream for me, recovered 2,500 images lost on my hdd.

    Hope it will work for u 2

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    Drive Rescue is a Freeware, file recovery program for exploring your hard drive.
    No longer supported or downloadable from home
    Drive Rescue v1.9d LAST FREEWARE
    rescue.zip (985 KB)
    tips.zip (101 KB)
    rescue-disk.zip (671 KB)
    http://www.norman.riel.com/downloads.htm available about 1/3 down page

    ftp://ftp.ch.xemacs.org/mirror/delphi/d60.../rescue_src.zip 389.5KB executable source code
    edit: messy desk!
    TestDisk free open source
    Tool to check and undelete partition
    Works with the following partitions:- FAT12 FAT16 FAT32- Linux EXT2/EXT3- Linux SWAP (version 1 and 2)- NTFS (Windows NT/W2K/XP)- BeFS (BeOS)- UFS (BSD)- Netware- ReiserFS
    TestDisk is under GNU Public License.
    It runs under DOS/Win9x Windows NT 4/2000/XP/2003 Linux FreeBSD
    If you need to access (read/write) your files stored on NTFS partition, you can use my NTFS driver.
    If you have lost partition or strange problem with your hard disk partitions, you can try TestDisk.
    To recover your lost digital picture, try PhotoRec

    PC Inspector File Recovery Freeware

    Restoration Freeware
    Restore files which are deleted from the recycle bin by mistake. Conversely, delete files completely.

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    Program Name: GetDataBack
    Website: http://www.runtime.org/gdb.htm
    Current version: 2.31
    Desired versions: Any earlier version
    Description: Software that helps recover data from drives with damaged partion tables, MBR's, or deleted data.

    Thanks a ton

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    havent found an older version of the file you are requesting at the moment most links just loop back to the developerd website which is the version 2.31, i have myself had some quite impressive results with handy recovery, if you would like to try a 30day trial or read more about it have a look at the homepage http://www.handyrecovery.com/index.shtml


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