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    Are any of the versions of WinZip posted here freeware? I mean, WinZip 9 (the one that I'd like to UNinstall) is only useable for like 30 days or something, and I can't afford to purchase it. I remember when WinZip had something like a "light" version that was FREE to use. It didn't have the "wizard" part (which is SO dumbed down, it's actually MORE complicated to use than the older ones). I'm not totally computer illiterate, so I know to choose a place for the file to be unzipped to and whatnot.

    Anyone know if any, or which ONE, of these WinZip versions is the free one???? :blink:

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    i think all versions before 7 were free , but a far better program for zipping znd unzipping and handles all kinds of files and is faster and also freeware is 7zip you can try it before you uninstall your winzip from this link http://www.7-zip.org/

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    hello, I'm a n00b


    i used a verison over 30 days and I can still use it

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    Cool...thanks, all...that's what I needed to know!

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    Winzip has always been shareware. Usually programs such as these will work for the decoding process after the trial period has ended, but will not work for creation of a new archive.

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    winzip search
    any date
    all open forums
    all categories

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    You can in practice use WinZip (and a few other shareware programs) after that the trial period has expired, but that is not legal.
    The trial period of WinZip is 21 days and every time you open WinZip, you are asked if you agree to terms about this and some other things.

    Most of us never read such texts thoroughly, we just click “yes” or “I agree” without thinking and/or reading the terms first.
    When you click this “yes” or “I agree”, you have entered into a legal contract with WinZip (or the actual developing company) that you will follow their rules, independent if the program continues to work or not.
    If you break this contract, that is as illegal as if you change the code in the program or use a crack for locking up the program.

    There are free programs which both zip and decompress zips and other compressed files.
    Personally I use UltimateZip, which is freeware (for private use) and besides zipping/decompressing ZIPs, it decompresses many other formats like RAR, CAB, ACE, TAR, etc.

    7-Zip is also a free program like that and suggested by a guest above.

    Why not use any of these free programs (and stay legal) instead of using WinZip without paying the license?

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    I use UltimateZip

    In my opinion is the best out there!

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    This is cool , and just what I needed to open somold files.

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    why not using winrar? it's more famous than winzip in our here .

    you don't use cracked softwares?


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