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    hi i was woundering if there was a program where you can put words in and it reads it out loud for you thanks

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    Don't know if this is exactly what you want but there are several Type and Speak programs listed here:


    JAWS® for Windows

    The most popular screen reader worldwide, JAWS® for Windows works with your PC to provide access to today’s software applications and the Internet. With its internal software speech synthesizer and the computer’s sound card, information from the screen is read aloud, providing technology to access a wide variety of information, education and job related applications. JAWS also outputs to refreshable Braille displays, providing unmatched Braille support of any screen reader on the market. A training tutorial is included.

    Free DEMO of JAWS for Windows 5.10 (34 MB)

    Connect Outloud

    Connect Outloud is designed for the beginning to experienced blind or low vision computer user to access the Internet through speech and Braille output.

    This software is based on our popular JAWS® for Windows technology and offers additional access to the Windows XP operating system. Also, Connect Outloud version 2.0 has even more support for the Web, including support for Internet Explorer 5 and 6, and support for Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 5.0.

    General features of Connect Outloud allow users to surf the Web, send and receive email and create documents in the easy to use Freedom Scientific word processor. It has no complicated configurations to learn or difficult menus to navigate. With the Tutor Mode, getting started is a snap. The Eloquence speech synthesizer for seven languages is included. Connect Outloud also supports most popular Braille displays and notetakers.

    Free Demo of Connect Outloud 2.0 for 9x/Me/XP Home & NT4/W2K/XP Pro (15 MB)

    Another program listed here on OV: Key 2 Speak

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    • Microsoft Text to Speech Agent Freeware
    • Lisp Freeware
      Read text files to speech, save, or create new text files Lips will allow you type anything into the text box and he will say it to you. He can save the hassle of having to read text files by reading it for you, and say it to you by the press of a button. You can also save the text files under the ".lip" extension or the ".txt" extension. Lips will also open any text files into his text box and you can edit it and save the new changes like a text editor. In the future, Lips will also be able to read e-mails.
    • Natural Voice Reader Standard Version Freeware
      Natural Voice Reader free version provides you a good chance to read any text on screen with Microsoft Mary voices.
    • DeskBot Freeware
      is a Clipboard/Text Reader which uses Microsoft Agent animated characters and Text-to-Speech technologies.

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    Inspired by that evil device many of us were tormented by as children, the Speak&Spell, AnalogX SayIt gives your computer a synthesized voice to rival that of Colossus (from the movie Colossus: The Forbin Project). Type in any word or phrase, set the sliders to the appropriate settings, and click the 'Render' button - out pops a nice little wave file.

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    My first post in minutes of joining this useful site. I'm very keen on using speech with my PC. Early program additions were `SpeakEasy' v1.0? (I think... but been updated since) that enables you to enter a file that reads it out with a choice of voices in synthetised speech, but annoyingly the file has to be in RealTextFormat (wonder what later versions offer?). If you want just a brief text (say) for an event sound, there are a few sites offering demo's that you could use (AT&T or IBM). I also use the multi-lingual clock from `Lux-Aeterna' that announces the time & has a alarm feature. Maybe OldVersion would consider `SpeakEasy' & `Lux-Aeterna' offerings(?) Otherwise outside of the above mentioned freeware options I'd go for a `Dragon Naturally Speaking' version that includes read-back from text as well as speech to text. I also like to use the voice command facility on Dragon NS to open programs e.g. "start calculator." How long will it be before the k/board becomes a back-up facility? Now must get on with presenting my own problems ...


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