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    Well, I've really done my due diligence in trying to figure out how to contribute software: I've looked in Contribute, found the Contact Us link for submitting software, learned that there's no email contact at the moment and I should look at the forums.

    There I found no dedicated forum or thread for people who want to contribute software, so I have read this and other threads and have concluded there's no obvious place to do so. I understand the admins are busy and fully respect that, but as a potential contributor it feels a bit difficult to contribute! What is the next step? How do I contribute software?

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    I sincerely apologize. Give us a week to set up an FTP for users to upload files.
    Alex Levine

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    That'd be great! I look forward to it. Thanks for your quick response.

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    So is the FTP server already up and what's the address? I wasn't able to find it on the site.

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    Sept 29th I sent an email to ov@oldversion.com
    Attached was the first Gnutella client. In the email I said no reply necessary. I'd like to take that back if I can.

    Over on Slyck.com I've got a sticky listing dead filesharing sites and programs.
    Most of the dead programs have a link to a page here on old version(i also thank ov at the bottom of the first post). You guys didn't have Gnutella, so I emailed the program to you hoping that you'd add it and give me a download link to use on Slyck.

    So are you guys busy or is there a reason you don't want it up?

    I know AOL hates the program. Technically its still their property and they could cause some legal troubles. The program is banned by modern Gnutella clients. But you can still share files if you type in the ip of another user.
    Last edited by Allied; 10-13-2005 at 03:54 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allied
    So are you guys busy or is there a reason you don't want it up?
    Not all programs submitted will end up on the site immediately. Most programs which are added are of the favored apps.
    Don't be discouraged in sending files in though.

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    Default Shutterfly


    First, let me thank you for your site, it's a great resource !

    I'm a regular user of Shutterfly, a web photo printing service.
    They offer a FREE software to batch upload pictures to their site. The software is free because you need an account.
    Obviously, the latest version of their software, called ShutterflyStudio, requires WindowsXP. One of the old version, called ShutterflySmartUpload22, works perfectly on Windows 2000, and before that was working perfectly on Windows 98 SE. I also have a more recent version called ShutterflyExpress30. Both are around 3MB.
    I guess that those version my interest various people, for example me if I have to rebuild my HDD ;-)

    Please tell me how to contribute those...


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    Sorry I've been busy and fell behind on the file adding! I'm trying to catch up now, but soon there will be a new system in place which will allow you to sign up and contribute files, as well as give you proper credit for the files. I am trying to develop a system for this, but things are progressing slowly. I am trying to speed everything up. Be patient guys, soon the files + community will grow really really fast!
    Alex Levine

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    Default I'd like to contribute nearly every version of Irfanview.

    How can I? Let me know. Thanks.

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    Default Have an app (Windows Uptime) to contribute, what's the quickest way?

    I have Windows Uptime 1.5 and 1.6 from Rundegren.com (long since gone), and I'd like to contribute them to OV. They're freeware and I have the installers here, so what's the quickest way to get them up on here - just upload them to my webspace and link them in this thread FAO the site admins?



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