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    Originally posted by Guest@Aug 26 2004, 09:55 PM
    Ok when this topic is read delete it please I no longer need it! Oh and to locus can you delete my replies in the link to the topic you gave me
    Why not ? it may save a little band width.

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    I don't get what you mean?! I thought deleting this topic and my replies in the other would save bandwith!?!?! :huh:

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    Originally posted by Guest@Aug 26 2004, 03:55 PM
    Ok when this topic is read delete it please I no longer need it!
    I see no reason to delete it. It's just not necessary, this is not a private board, where people post and we erase. This board serves many people, not individuals. Your post may be useful for someone else.

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    Has anyone been having problems with MSN 5.0? I've had it, and it's been working find since I instaled it a few months ago. This morning, I tried to instal 6.2, but I didn't like it. I then tried to reinstal 5.0. It instaled fine, but won't let me sign in. Anyone have any suggestions? I've tried instaling several other versions, but 4.6 wouldn't work either, it told me to upgrade to a higher version. I'm feeling very empty without my MSN.

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    Hi, what is the most oldest version of MSN that is able to work without upgrading? If there was some way of getting rid of that anoying message that prompts you to upgrade it might be still posible to use the older MSN Messenger.
    Thanks! :-)

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    I've downloaded the old msn messenger (1.0) and installed it, but everytime I try to log online, it says that it must be updated to start working. Now, what do I need to do to NOT update, just run the old version!?

    thx in advance /oliver!!

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    Required Messenger Upgrade

    Old Versions Of Msn No Longer Have Access To Srver (beanboy89 has also collected some links for you) I wonder how many less pages we could have if people followed his advice.


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    How can I find out the System requierments for the MSN messenger versions that you can download on oldversion.com site?

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    read they've been having problems lately...and know this topic is a year old

    but...windows 95 users have finnally got shut out,I'm on 98 and the only thing that would work decent was 5.0

    lately all I get is a error that I have to upgrade to continue

    Trillian has had trouble in the past but it seems microsoft will do anything to try and lock out older clients/users/etc.

    oh well guess there's always gaim

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    I am using the MSN 7 beta at the moment. I am liking it so far.


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