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    Originally posted by DianneHiers@Apr 17 2003, 11:59 PM
    I have been trying to sign on to msn 5.0 for over a month now and it is coming back saying that it is temporaryily unavailable. I have uninstalled, reinstalled it. I have updated profiles. I don't kno what else to do. I really like msn. I wish I could get it to work.
    MSN is having problems sometimes. Just click the Help button in the error message you get to view the MSN service status to see if everthing there says All Systems Go. If .NET Messenger Service doesn't say All Systems go, then wait a few minutes and try again.

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    MSN 5 is a piece of crap. Unless you've got high speed, it takes forever. It was fine while I had DSL, but now that I'm back on Dialup, it never signs it. So, courtesy of this site, I downloaded MSN 4.7... much better now.

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    I have talked with lots of people that have had problems with version 5.0. Though MSN's messenger servers have a lot of problems, it is more likely that the program is too much of a monstrosity to function correctly on your machine. It's architecture is such that it really only functions properly in an ideal environment (broadband connection, Windows XP Home, etc.). I would advise uninstalling 5.0 and rolling back to 4.6 if you use Windows 9x/Me and 4.7 if you use Windows 2k/XP (both of which are available for download on this site).

    Also, you can always check the .NET service status on the web.



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    ok heres how it is.......i was using msn a while back it was the latest version back then like 4.6 or sumn anywayz one day i tried to sign in and it wouldnt wwork it would freeze up wen i signed in for some reason........ and now i have to use a version 3.5 or sum n coz the other one wont work any ideas ???

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    i just loaded version 3.6 on to win98se. i am on a cable modem but i hated msn version5. i wont get into it un less someone dosent allready know and wants to know more but a growing number of ppl think of msn5 as spyware.

    thanks for haveing an old version around for me

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    Mike Miller


    Amen, I have, as some others have had, problems with the MSN 5.0. I was able to get into the messanger service, but after I downloaded 5.0, I could no longer get into MSn messanger. It took several calls to MSN and I was unofficially guuided to this site to download the earlier version of 4.6. I appreciate this site. Thank you for your assistance....


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    Very simple, go to msn and re download it or a newer version. Thats what I would do, or remember your pass word and uninstall it, go back and reinstall it. Unless you are haveing a software conflict. this will most likely solve your problem

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    Someone knows the requerements of the Msn Messenger (all version)??

    I mean, what need to run the program in; prossesor, ram memory, windows version......

    Thanks guys!


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    heho, i want msn 5.0 bk because the new msn doesnt seen to work on my computer although i have all the componants, now when i downloaded the 5.0, there is a problem with a file cabanit called MsgrCore.cab, it say that it is corrupt and i've tried this with more than once with different downloaded files, now can you help a bit by fixing it or not

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    it is possible, due to you downloading and installing the same file over and over, that the temp files - with the corrupt cab file, is not being deleted, so each time you click to install another verison, it is not re writing the cab file out, since there exists one in the temp folder.
    be sure you delete the temp files in
    then try installing it once again

    else do a search on the hard drive for that file. find it, delete to trash bin, then reinstall.

    go to
    Start/Find/Files or Folders
    type in the NAMED box MsgrCore.cab
    once it finds it, delete it to recycle bin - case ya need to restore it if something goes wrong!
    then try reinstalling again


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