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    The Personalities-feature is not really what I'm looking for.

    I'd like to have 2 seperate installations of Eudora. One for each account, different mailserver, different ISP,...

    But when I set up one account, the other automatically takes the same settings.

    Althought I installed Eudora twice but in different folders I'm unable to setup unique accounts, without the other one taking the same settings??

    I tried working with a shortcut as described at http://www.eudora.com/techsupport/tutorial...n_multiple.html but it didn't help.

    I even tried renaming and relocating the folders.
    Where is the data stored really?? it must be store somewhere at a central place where both clients get their settings?

    I just want to different installations with each installation its own settings, how can I do that??

    For the record, i'm using Eudora 6.1.2, but version didn't matter, got it with the older version as well.


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    I do not think you can have separate installations of Eudora. Since it would make use of the registry.
    As for using multiple email servers, I do not see why you cant, I have used 3 different smtp/pop3 accounts setup, one from my local e-mail server, 1 from yahoo and one for hotpop.

    The data is stored under where ever you told it to place the date. Which could be in the Eudora folder, or under your login accounts profile or someplace else.
    The configuration ini files would be in the Eudora folder, in the filename eudora.ini

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    I used to have this "system", coz the Eudora installation form a previous windows-installation could still be used.

    It didn't interfer with the new install under the new windows-installation because of the registry.

    I gave both installations different data-folders, but didn't help my problem.

    Instead of re-installing Windows, I thought there would be an easier way tho

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    You only need to install Eudora once.
    Then you can have Eudora open seperate & individual "profiles".
    One method of doing this is by specifying the path to the "profile" on the (shortcut's) command line.

    C:\Eudora\eudora.exe C:\Eudora\YAHOO Eudora.ini

    C:\Eudora\eudora.exe C:\Eudora\MSN Eudora.ini

    C:\Eudora\eudora.exe C:\Eudora\NETZERO Eudora.ini

    In each case, the same program is run, C:\Eudora\eudroa.exe.
    The directories used are different, YAHOO, MSN, & NETZERO.
    In each case, the settings are stored in a file named Eudora.ini, each within the respective directories (ie: each Eudora.ini is different, & each holds its' own settings).


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