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    Default What Version of AIM, Trillian, Gaim, Ect. Do you Use?

    I use and love AIM 5.5.3598 (With games/stock & news tickers/pop mail check all removed and ads blocked)

    It all goes to crap after 3598!

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    May 2003


    i dont use any of them, and particularly wouldnt use aim anyway if i wanted this type of app after reading the write ups and reviews on it (shocking )
    simply me

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    Default re: trillian pro

    I am currently using older version of Trillian 0.74 because the Trillian Pro is conflicting with the Akeni Corporate IM server that we have installed.

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    AIM 4.8.2790 and ICQ 2002a.

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    Default Need help with video for AIM 5.9

    I purchased a Logitech Pro 5000 camera for myself, and four of my family members for our PCs. I also have an iSight for my Mac, which I use with iChat (am I capable of using the video camera with AIM 4.7 for Mac?).

    I am trying to connect between my Mac and my PC, and I get the following error message: "The Live Video IM session has been disconnected. Unable to complete the connection with your buddy. This may be due to the configuration of the firewall."

    I am also unable to connect with my parents PC. They have AIM 5.9 also.

    Now, I was able to send my parents a video message from my iChat/Mac and it went through, but she was not able to send one to me.

    And I was not able to communicate between my Mac and PC.

    I have no clue what the hell to do, and of course, AIM.com is useless. I have no idea on how to send them an email.

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    Jan 2006
    In an apartment located inside a town nobody here will have heard of.


    I currently use trillian 3.0 pro. Ive used the little proggie since 0.74 beta release was out. That, my friends, has been a while. I like it because of how "modular" it is, and the multitude of plugins that are offered.

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    May 2003


    Fan of LICQ, though won't run without a modified GTK library. So stuck using GAIM. Though sometimes I fire up Kopete.
    Prefer LICQ for SSL connections, but GAIM's GPG plug-in helps.

    Currently using GAIM 1.5.0

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    I use AIM 5.2.3292 with DeadAIM 3.2.1 on my main computer. I use Gaim 1.5.0 on my other computer. Both run Windows XP Home.

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    I just use miranda, there's little functionality in some of the protocols, but I have alternatives for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dude
    I use and love AIM 5.5.3598 (With games/stock & news tickers/pop mail check all removed and ads blocked)

    It all goes to crap after 3598!
    I wanna point out that i use 3598 CANADIAN VERSION which is much better than the USA version!!!

    No games,no "viewpoint",no crap.........Nothing but AIM!!!!!!!!!

    Download aim 5.5.3598ca here


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