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    Here are some wrong but funny meanings for famous Abbreviations:

    MICROSOFT - Morons In Califronia Really Oughta Send Out Fixes TODAY!!
    MICROSOFT - Monkeys In Cuba Rarely Often See Our Free Trade
    ASTON-MARTIN - Another Strut To Overhaul Nightly; Many Apperant Repairs To Internal Nubs [Wheel Bushings]
    BENTLEY- Beautiful Engine Needing To Last Enduring Years
    MG - Mostly Garbage
    LOTUS - Leaking Oil To Under Side
    PUGEOT - Push Until Garaged Every Other Time
    JAGUAR - Just A Gauge Under Another Repair
    MOPAR - Many Overpriced Pathetic Auto Repairs
    SATURN - Same Agonizing Trend; Under Repair Normally
    FIAT - Fix It Again Tony
    TOYOTA - Tranny Often Yearning Over The Ages
    MAZDA - Many Arrogant Zilched Dumb A$$es [Driving]
    CITREON - Crummy Internal Transaxle Repaired Every Other Night
    RENAULT - Repair Estimate Not Affordable Until Light-years Time
    DODGE - Does Often Die Greatly,Excessively
    GMC - Garage Man's Companion or General Mess of Crap
    GMC - Gotta Mechanic Coming
    HTML - Hideous Text-Mangling Language
    JOB - Just Over Broke (used by Amway reps)
    IBM - International Big Momma
    IBM - Idiots Being Morons
    SOL - sweet ole lady
    DARE - Drugs are Rarely Excellent
    TAP - Take Another Plane
    QANTAS (Australian) - Queer And Nasty, Try Another Service
    TWA - Try Walking Across
    PENTIUM - Produces Erroneous Numbers Through Incorrect Underhanded Metrics
    CAD - Computer Aided Disaster
    IBM - I Buy Macintosh
    BBS - Be Broke Soon
    FYI - Free Young Idiot
    PONTIAC - Poor old Nun thinks its a cadillac
    KODA - Kids on drugs association (School near me)
    FORD - Fix or Repair daily
    PINTO - Put in nickel to operate
    ROFLMAO- Rumplestiltskin Offspring Fly Like Monkeys At Oxford
    IRD - Idiot Resuming Dumbness
    RTFM - Ready To Fly Monkeys
    IRC - Idiots Really Chat
    OTC - Often Taken Contiunosly
    WTF - Wheres Tom Fenry?
    AM - Absolutly Magnificant
    PM - Precedes Midnight
    TRAIN - The Rest Are Interestingly Naughty
    PHONE - Please Help Oscar Navigate Everywhere
    SCAMS - Some Children Are Malicious Scumbags
    IBM - I've been moved (kind of an inside joke at IBM)
    WWJD - What would Jerry (garcia) do?
    MAC - machine always crash
    DSL - Dumb Soar Losers
    GMC - Good Mexican Car
    CRTC - Creeps Ruining Television for Canadians.
    Macintosh - Most Applications Crash If Not The Operation System Hangs
    CHEVROLET - Clatters Heavily,Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time.
    Modem - Mike Often Does Eats Mice
    HP - Help Please
    DELL - Doesn't even like linux
    COMPAQ - Couldn't Operate Microsoft, Probably Already Quit
    PPR - Post Per Request
    PP - PainPal
    ASP - Another Suckers Problem
    AMD - Another Manmade Disaster
    MOR - Mom On the RUn
    AOL - Almost Online
    MSN - More Suckers Needed
    STFU - Sorry Team Fury Unavailibe
    STFU - Southern Tenant Farmer Union
    THE DUDE - These Here Eavesdroppers Do Underhanded Deeds Everyday
    SPRINT - South Pacific Runners Institute Nomination Team
    JSP - Junky Stupid Programming
    STFU - Shoulda tried free unix
    FORD - Found On Road Dead
    ADIDAS - All Day I Dream About Sex
    HOST - Heavy Objects Sit Tightly!
    NERD - Network Emergency Response Dude
    US ARMY - Uncle Sam Ain't Recognized Me Yet
    MARINE - Many Are Reading Internet Novels Everyday.
    BMW - Brings Me Women!
    FORD - Fast Only Running Downhill
    NOOB - Nerd Out Of Bed
    SIA - Sit in Agony
    SP - Sure Pass
    NYP - Not Yet Pass
    RP - Rarely Pass
    NP - No Pass
    SMU - Singapore's Men Unit
    ITALY - I Trust And Love You
    MSN - Messy Sucky Network
    Ford - Flooded On Rainy Day
    Ford - Failed On Recent Drive.
    Ford - Failure On Road, Delayed
    CITGO - Crazy Idiot's Tanker Got Owned
    DODGE - Drips Oil, Drops Grease Everywhere
    GMC - Gets More Chicks
    AM - A Miracle
    FLAG - Flying Loosely Around Georgia
    USSR - Under Severe Strain Regardless
    MOSCOW - Make Only Short Cakes On Wensday
    UK - Understanding Knowledge
    USA - Understanding Saints Around
    CANADA - Caring And Noticing All Driving Aspects
    MEXICO - Mike Eats Xtra In California Only
    CUBA - Close Underhanded Bickering Arenas
    OLDVERSION - On Lovely Days Veterans Earn Respect Spitting In Others Neighboorhoods


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    I believe that this would be a pnuemonic, and not an abbreviation.

    But yes, they are quite funny.

    Dios le bendiga

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    Nice :lol:


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