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    my speed was 399.9kbps, but i tested my speedhere and got 1137.19kbps

    if your getting a low speed, try testing it there, you might have better results


    PS: my first post, and i must say i love this site, best thing ever imo. i hope it doesn't go down, ever.

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    It said 2.26 Mbps

    But i doubt it.......Alot of things seem slow as hell right now (IM SICK OF THIS WIRELESS MINI ADAPTER I HAVE)
    Last edited by The Dude; 05-23-2006 at 02:14 PM.

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    mine was 515 Kbps

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    I just tested from this site and got:

    2577k DOWN / 322k UP

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    dude thats bad i just got 4227 down and 833 up what package and provider you on,im on v.net and this pc is on a network i just put in,pm me if ya want details.
    simply me

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    Well im lucky to get that good!!!!

    Im going over a router and my signal to the modem sucks alot of the time..... (The less signal i have,the slower speed i get obviously )

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    Default Can you tell me how to get rid of...

    that annoying pop up when I sign on telling me how many kppbs I used to sign on!

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    I got 2.33 Megs from here

    Scripts must be enabled!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dude
    I just tested from this site and got:

    2577k DOWN / 322k UP
    The speed has been SO SLOW lately over time warner its not funny!!

    I just tested from our XP upstairs and only got 2745k!!!!! (Its supposed to be 5 Megs down!!)

    TIME WARNER SUCKS!! (No wonder its slow in my room..Its what i get normally IN MY ROOM up here tonight right on the modem!!)

    This is what happens when you call for service,the scumbags make it worse!!! (Our cable modem was locking up quite often and they came and supposedly make the level better.......THE LEVEL IS WORSE!!! and the modem has locked up more than it did before they were here!!)

    Last edited by The Dude; 09-11-2006 at 02:58 AM.

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    Nova Scotia

    Default Line Speed Meter

    is the Internet's most comprehensive tool for measuring and reporting on the speed of your broadband Internet connection - including download speed, upload speed, latency and DNS lookup times......

    I been using this product for 3 years but been while since I had program active but good tool to test your speed for dl/ul

    Check it out may be useful to you http://www.tcpiq.com/tcpIQ/LineSpeed/Download/

    Profile for my ISP is not bad good speeds compare to mine whos got better then me http://www.tcpiq.com/tcpIQ/LineSpeed...nectionId=7245


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