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    Hello! I am looking for version 1.0.1 of Kodak's Digital ROC Pro software. Can anyone help me?

    Program Name: Kodak Digital ROC Pro
    Website: www.asf.com
    Current version: 1.0.3
    Desired versions: 1.0.1
    Description: Adobe Photoshop plugin used to restore color in faded prints and film.

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    Kodak seems to take great care that you must Register with them in order to download their products, plug-ins and updates. I am very doubtful they would give permission for anyone else to host their software on any other site. If you contact them and explain why you need an older version
    EG: The new versions system requirements to high for your system, then they MIGHT be willing to send you an older Trial version.

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    I have written to Kodak many times and all of my emails are returned as undeliverable. That doesn't look too good if you are experiencing problems with their software and the only way to get customer service is to email them. Top be honest with you, I am hesitant to even send them the $100 for the plugin if I can't even contact them.

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    I forgot to mention. Downloading their software is easy. It downloads in the form of an executable zip file. I just though someone on this forum would have the zip file to send me of the 1.0.1 version I am looking for.

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    looking at the request form for support it looks as if you have to register just to email them as the form asks for the email you used when you register. perhaps sooner than pay the price of this plugin you may be able to find an alternative app that does the same, search through past posts on imaging apps and there may well be a free alternative you could try

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    I am registered with ASF. I had to in order to download their programs. I still feel hesitant to buy from them if I can not even contact support. I will look around for different software. Anyone have any recommendations for photoshop plugins that restore faded film?

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    I don't think there will be a single solution for restoring all faded pictures.
    You could try adjusting the various contrast levels on separate layers. then applying various levels of transparency to those layers.
    If a certain area of the film needs adjusted, use a layer mask.
    If you want to fade-in or out levels in certain areas, use the gradient tool.

    I don't use Photoshop, I use The Gimp, since it is about the only photo editing suite, which is similar to Photoshop, but available on any platform I run. Where is does shine over Photoshop, is that it is absolutely FREE.

    It is difficult to use for most people at first, but so are just about any good feature-packed program. If Photoshop is 'easy' for someone, then this program too will be just as 'easy.'

    Most of the features of these graphic suites have all the tools already in them for fixing various photo issues. But it seems most people want the single-click, do it all, plug-in. Which for the most part is just a bunch of macros, executing various commands in these apps. People are paying for these plug-ins, when the tools already exists in the app. Sure, the plug-ins do make certain steps simpler. But learning how to do something with the tools available to you is usually much more helpful and useful in the long run. As plug-ins will be limited by what they are programmed to do, while you can retain much greater, finer control over the process knowing how it is done within the main app itself.

    Auto-Eye demo-ware
    Was created to automatically improve digital images by rebuilding color detail, sharpness and image vibrancy.

    some Tips;

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    I use Chromatica as a PhotoShop plugin for adjusting colours. It has so much more control than PhotoShop's own filters.
    I believe the company is now defunct but you can still download it and many more free plugins from this link.


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