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    hi can you please tell me how to stop ie6 being the default browser and making mozilla the default ive tried doing it several ways but i have a problem with ie6 just will not access my hotmail account it gives a blank screen and says done in the bottom corner yet mozilla does it no problem so im sure it is a problem with ie6

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    To stop IE from being the default browser, you make Mozilla the default browser. Usually when you load up Mozilla it should ask if you want to make it your default browser, then click yes.
    If you do not need all that comes with Mozilla, such as the E-mail client, composer..
    You may want to use Firefox instead. It's developed by Mozilla.org, and it's fast.

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    done that yet I.E still opens when i click go to my hotmail inbox from messenger ? is IE6 a large file to download and reinstall to see if it cures the problem ? i like mozilla i just not able to get it to do my hotmail yet it do everything else as default

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    Does MSN Messanger happen to have a setting where to define the default browser?
    I do not use it, so cant say.
    IE is a pretty big download for a dial-up user, not too bad for those on DSL and nothing for those on fast cable. Though I do not think this will solve the problem.
    Maybe someone using Firefox & MSN Messenger can give better input.

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    How about trying one of the alternative msn clone to go with your alternate browser.
    here is a couple of examples.
    There is also a pinned topic on the subject.
    or if you want msn, by plugin another 2 applications you can disable what msn obviously considers a feature.

    You may also discover some other features that you didnt have before,here is one user :
    but here's my problem: I'm looking for a plug-in,... that can tell you which people in your msn clicks on your username without saying something...
    I'll be more specific: Imagine that I'm online and my username is "m*tj*82", a girl has signed in and want to take to me but well she's shy (even on msn) and she just only clicks on my username...ICould find a plug in that can tell me that that girl clicks on my name without saying something
    (1) http://www.msgplus.net/index.php << this is adware however it asks if you want to install the adware components ,you dont do you??,so choose not to participate.
    (2) http://www.stuffplug.com/
    you need 1 for 2 to work.

    If homesite not offering download you can get it here (or wait):

    StuffPlug-NG 0,7,39 page transoogled

    A msn 7 beta Download now <<< " which is somewhat more MSN 7 compatible...." (do not use unless you are aware what a beta is/can do.)

    and the forum for this stuff is here :

    if you have Windows 95/98 or NT, StuffPlug NG will not work.

    Here is another untried solution:
    Originally posted by arkar
    i found a way around this problem. So that msn loads automatically in your default broswer (being firefox i hope;)). First you need msn messenger plus.
    In the messenger plus addin you have to go in preferences. Then into mail pop3 tab. Then you activate verification of pop3 email. Then you create a false account. Dont put a sever name. All you have to do is put in a email. Put in the client or link case : www.hotmail.com.

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    may i make a suggestion
    get firefox and mail thingy thunderbird
    get gmail
    loose msn /hotmail i found to many problems in it was a waste of time
    try these you will like them B)

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    the easiest thing to do would be go to start>set program access/defaults there you can set programs to be the default program to use for your internet browser, email program, media player etc

    i think that windows xp service pack 1 doesn&#39;t have this in the start menu, but i don&#39;t know how to get to it other than from there

    i just thought about it - a better thing to do would be just disable all access to ie6 really


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