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Thread: Real Jukebox

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    Originally posted by serendipity@Jul 21 2003, 07:19 PM
    ....ya know, the one where it increases the audio bitrate up to 320kbps?
    320kbps? are you encoding music to 320kbps? why? any special reason why ya need to go so high, or just want it as such? as far the REALAUDIO'S encoder.... you might look for another better encoder.

    it is very difficult to tell the difference between 192kbps and 320kbps, there is sub differences between it, but for todays equipment on computers, there would not be much reason to go beyond 192/220.

    if you really want the highest quality, go with a better encoder, or a better format. such as Ogg, AAC, Musepack or even a lossless codec.

    (if you are saying it increases the bitrate to 320 during playback, that has nothing to do with playback, just for encoding. once a file is encoded you cant "adjust" its bitrate any higher then what it was encode to.)

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    Thanks for your replies guys...

    Actually, I just need that particular "update" or upgrade encoding thingie...simply because I have it on my laptop...but it'd be much better if I have it on my desktop instead,coz i can easily burn it on a cdrw...i'm not really that concerned with a high bitrate, a 128kbps is enough for me

    I mean upgrading the entire version to RealOne makes a lot more sense but I 'm more comfortable doing it with the original old version.


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