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Thread: Express Burn

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    Default Express Burn

    Program Name: Express Burn Plus
    Website: Video DVD Burning Software - Burn Video, Audio and Data
    Current version: 4.27
    Desired versions: Not sure, but probably the one before the current.

    I bought it in 2007 but either didn't make a back-up or it's been deleted.
    I've replaced my PC, downloaded it again from NCH's web site, but as it has been updated my licence key etc doesn't work.

    If anyone has a version of that (2007) vintage I would appreciate the file please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmb06851 View Post
    ...Desired versions: Not sure, but probably the one before the current...bought it in 2007 but either didn't make a back-up or it's been deleted...
    Hi, I would bet my left one that the second to last one is NOT the one you want!
    I've zipped up three versions (<<<download page) for you if your lucky 4.05 will be okay the next version up is a real slim possibility, but I don't have it & its so remote that it would work that I'm not going to look.
    I also threw in a version three just in case,but I probably have some earlier 4s if you need.
    Although in its basic form its free/nagware its the developers modus operandi to charge for "upgrades" to new releases/bug fixes in the pro version!
    Don't forget to backup this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
    According to their own Web site, your activation code is useless. This is an extremely poor business practice on their part.

    In spite of this fact, I would still try to send their sales department an e-mail (include your key code number), explain to them what has happened and request an updated key code.

    The worst thing they can say is "no."

    If all else fails, demand a refund.

    Personally, I would never deal with this company.

    Thank you Doctor for your interest.

    I did just that. Their reply is copied below.



    At the time of purchase you are advised to make a backup fo the software in case you should need to reinstall at any stage. You are advised of this bacuse we do not keep old versions of the software once the new version is released and therefore cannot provide you with any old installers.

    In order to use your old licence you must install the old version. If you did not make the appropriate backup then you will need to purchase an upgraded licence for the upgraded version you have installed.


    NCH Software Support Team

    NCH Software Download Site

    Note: while we make every attempt to give accurate advice, under our Reasonable Service Terms, the amount of time we can spend researching is limited. If you intend to rely on the advice for critical, dangerous or medical activities you must retain independent consultants to check your systems are safe and redundant. NCH Software and its employees' liability for loss is strictly limited to the amount paid for the software or support.

    On Fri, 28 Aug 2009 08:25:15 +1000, dmb06851 wrote:
    > Registration TechnicalSupportRequest:
    > I have recently replaced my PC and want to use Express burn on the new one.
    > I downloaded the software and tried to register it with this information:
    > Your license serial number(s) follow.
    > Express Burn Plus Edition: **************
    > Express Burn (Plus Edition)
    > Registration and Activation Code:
    > Express Burn ID - Key: ****** - ********
    > But I told that I need to buy the latest version.
    > No thank you. I want to use the one I paid for, it is quite satisfactory.
    > What do I do?
    > --- This customer has NOT paid for support using this email address
    > Extra Information (1): Express Burn (Plus edition)
    > Extra Information (2): XP Home



    Thanks a million. I tried the version 4.05 in your file and that has worked.
    I now have the file and the registration numbers backed up together.

    Best wishes,

    Last edited by The Doctor; 08-28-2009 at 08:23 AM. Reason: Personal info removed

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    Your welcome

    & that was nice of you to share your personal information/serials with the world. I suggest you may like to edit/remove it, it is not a safe practice however I am sure it will be removed by the lurkers shortly.

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    Nov 2005
    N.E. Lincolnshire, U.K.


    Thank you to whoever removed the private data.

    A bit daft of me to have left it there.

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    Hello there ^^

    I guess if your licence doesn't work with that version, it must be you had version 3 or older.

    You probably can find that one using peer to peer, just be very careful about malwares that might be included with it. Since you have a license for using it, I suppose it would be legitimate for you to get a copy of the software back even this way.

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    Default How to make a backup from the software?

    I bought this software too, yesterday.
    And i come to the same accident. I didnt quit the answer whether i would like to make a backup from the program with "yes". and now? I searching for the backup function. But there isnt any!!!!!
    And also no hint in the help where it is.
    Does anybody know how to make it?

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    found it.

    Dont uninstall Express Burn.
    execute once more:
    C:\Program Files\NCH Swift Sound\ExpressBurn\burnsetup_v4.23.exe
    (perhaps expressburn.exe is similar)(vista)
    quit everything with "yes" until the license agreemant -> dont agree
    question about the software backup will follow once more.


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