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    Source: http://msnblog.stuffplug.com/?p=52 (Download Page)

    Hello people.. With all the new builds I decided to throw in some old-school messing ;-). Previously dubbed MSNPast, Sfyx (Pronounced “Swiks”, as in, “Swiss” and “Six”) allows you to sign in with old MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger clients, as if they were still supported by the server ;-)

    Note that this software is still in development (this version is still “beta”, in some way). Windows Messenger 4.7 is not fully supported (Group functions don’t work, for one). I hope to add it soon, but with all the new stuff flying around I barely have time to work on it (Which is the main reason I’m posting this right now ;-)).

    You can get the binaries (recommended if you do not have Perl installed) or the source (for developers ;-)). A readme documented is included in both .zip files (And please, actually /read/ it). If you experience problems, please let me know. Have fun messing with the old clients ;-)

    PS. I’ve also compiled a list of all changes & features in the old MSN Messenger clients, including screenshots of me using Sfyx. You can find all this, right here!
    The program is a proxy which translates the old protocol to a newer, supported one, which enables you to connect to the old client as if you had upgraded to a newer version.

    Screenshots: (MSN Messenger 3.6)
    Main Window:

    IM Window:

    More screenshots soon.

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    link dead, any new links?

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    Default All things are difficult before they are easy

    I remember Napster always had trouble reading files that weren't mp3s. Another issue might be that you could have misplaced certain files to other locations than your designated "MyFiles" folder. Another thing is, the files could be corrupted, or ripped in a new way that Napster simply can't read them anymore, this has actually happened to me before as well.


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