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    I currently have a HP Jornada 680 that was given me it is a little bit old I understand, but I am so far behind on the times that it may bring me up to date. Here are some of HP info on it.

    you can also find a guide here
    general guide to this product

    After reviewing the info in the guide and from Microsoft the newest version is CE 5.0 and

    my version is 3.01
    my core system version is 2.11
    the pocket IE 3.01
    pocket outlook 3.01
    build 9018

    the processor type is hitachi superh sh-3
    memory 16314
    expansion slot 1 32mb (which is expandable to 512 from what i have read)

    and every time i find some software download it and try to install it. it says no! I do end up finding windows media player but i get no sound out of it and if i don't use WMP I can use the system recorder and play back sound.

    In a nut shell i am looking for any productive software like a newer version of windows or games that will work for this model.

    I have looked around on tucows and a few other sites and just really can't find anything that will not throw back your system is not supported by this software crap.

    any help?

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    check out www.ebay.com or your loxal computer jumble store or auction software is available cheap. you will no be able to download a version of windows unless its illegal

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    I don't want to do anthing illegal. I am unsure of how far I can go with this thing, are there other in between versions of CE that I have and 5.0. I will look around on ebay but i am still not sure of what all i can do with this.

    More info wanted please.

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    Nick Charlton


    I don't mean to send user away from this forum, but try hpcfactor.com, we can help you there,



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