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    ok, i found a way to do yahoo messenger on my phone, (yahoo mobile .com or something like that ne way). u just text "in [username] [password] " to yahoo on ur keypad (i think its like, 92466, or something) and then ur logged in and get get ims. does anyone no if theres something like thta for AIM?
    i know my phone was supposed to have aim on it, its in the manual (nokia 3390), but my phone doesnt have it for whatever reason. so i thought it was cool that u could use yahoo msngr w/o actually having it onur phone, and u dont have to pay for it, either (just normal text msg prices). but it would be cool if i could im my friends who have aim and dont have yahoo msngr.

    thanx to anyone who helps, and to the people who would like to help but cant
    and please if u can, can u copy or post and mail it to me or u can just email it directly, cuz i'm sure i'll never find this post again lol

    my email is


    thanx everyone&#33;&#33;&#33; <3
    -sweetchicka3939 aka soda girl

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    http://www.phantomgsm.com/ perhaps one of the best cell phone sites available and more suited to your enquiry.

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    dirty socks


    for AIM, you send a text message to a certain number (it goes by provider) with your name and password. name(space)password.

    Alltel 265000
    Cingular 265000 or 4646*
    Cricket 26500
    T-Mobile 4646
    Verizon 4646

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    yea all u do is go to aim.com and then go to mobile aim and follow the instructions

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    this page may answer many of your questions http://qa-cing.cingular.com/media/instant_faqs


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