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    i'd been hunting for an email program with little success.

    i need an email program that's small (under 2meg), support imap & ssl and multiple account.
    should run on win98 with p233mmx and 32mb ram.
    preferably can runs off flash disk

    most small email do not support imap and/or ssl.
    even some bigger mail progs dont support these.

    is any exist?


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    May 2003


    Can't find an app with those exact requests.
    • Popcorn (100kb) is a lightweight e-mail client for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.
      Works as a client/server application, reading mail "directly" from POP servers.
      Send and receive mail using secure SSL encrypted server connections.
    • Pimmy Your personal postman. (400kb)
      IMAP4, RSS and ATOM support,

    Have you tried the older versions on this site for Eudora?

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    tried already.

    popcorn: very good. too bad no imap.
    pimmy: rss&atom is nice to have. weird interface, difficult to understand it. no ssl.

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    just found an alternative solution.

    i found becky. quite cool mail program.
    it have option to sync to usb flashdrive. aint that cool...??

    but, originally, it's quite large. almost 3megs by itself.
    so i try the old proven upx stuff and compress one huge b2.exe file
    from about 2.6megs to 888k.

    now, it's really small. total just a little above 1meg.

    another one i found, already small one.

    it said it can also download hotmail. nice thing to have.
    but, i never success in downloading from my hotmail account...
    real nice if this works. also, if it can do yahoo...??

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    May 2003


    Sounds good, hows about dropping a link for those found apps.

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    links.. off course...

    http://www.rimarts.co.jp/ - becky
    http://www.koomail.com koomail


    something 'stupid' happen when downloading gmail.
    all email, including the sent items, were download.

    i tried with other mail program, same thing happen. my sent item also download.

    maybe it's because gmail is not pure pop3 compliant ??

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    Nice Music


    Maybe you try JBMail - http://jbmail.pc-tools.net
    I'm using it everyday, and I like it very much.

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    yes i like it too..
    but again... no imap.

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    googling for becky plugins...
    just found out interesting thing about becky!
    it got lots of plug-ins. (too bad, most the web in japanese)

    with plugins, you can add rss feed, usenet, hotmail, etc....
    very cool...


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    Default Also looking for an email program...

    I checked out the links offered here (Pimmy is a possibility) and I am not sure if I should stick with my old email program Netscape (really like the features), or re-try Thunderbird (I wasn't real impressed) or buy one- Eudora? I would not even consider an Outlook program.

    I am looking for a program to install on my desktop. I have a few freemail accts that I read online so I don't need that feature.
    But I would like to be able to send from a specific email address, depending on which Eartlink/isp addy I used.
    any suggestions for the simple?


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