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    Program Name: DVD Wizard Pro
    Website: www.dvdwizardpro.com
    Current version: unknown
    Desired versions: any version you can find
    Description: Copies DVD movies and games.


    Program Name: DVD Duplicator
    Website: www.expert-guides.com
    Current version: unknown
    Desired versions: any version
    Description: Copies DVD movies and games


    Program Name: DVD Ripper and Copying Suite
    Website: www.drripper.com
    Current version: 5.0
    Desired versions: any version
    Description: Copies DVD movies and games

    Currently, manufacturers of DVD copying programs are being sued by hollywood. Potentially, all DVD copying software may soon be banned. If anybody has this program, please share it with the site.

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    If the software becomes outlawed, as is the case with DeCSS, then it would also be illegal to host the file on OldVersion.
    By simply hosting a file on this archive will not grandfather the software's legal status, nor supersede any laws which prohibit its distribution.

    Most Nero, NTI CD maker, and alot of program already listed on the site and in the forum can copy home-made DVD's.
    Previous thread, WinDVD
    Previous Posting for FREE CD/DVD recorders

    Couple titles;
    [*]CloneDVD 2[*]DVD2One[*]DVDFab[*]DoItFast4U

    IfoEdit - The solution to DVD Copy 1:1

    Others Unix-based[*]DVD-Create
    a DVD-Video creation framework. DVD-Create will not just offer a free DVD Authoring solutions for Linux and Unix. DVD-Create offers you a framework that enables you to write DVD creation, editing, and backup software without needing to know all the secretes of DVD-Video. [*]ogmencoder
    is a perl script for LINUX that use MPlayer/Mencoder and Transcode to create a OGG-OGM (audio Vorbis) backup of your DVD, ready to be burned on a CD-R[*]Tuxrip
    is a Linux bash script for ripping and encoding DVD in mpeg4 format (XviD, libavcodec). It uses a text based interface very easy to use and will work on most Linux distributions. The compressed video file can be viewed on all OS.[*]dvd::rip
    is a full featured DVD copy program written in Perl. It provides an easy to use but feature-rich Gtk+ GUI to control almost all aspects of the ripping and transcoding process.

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    Then why do you still have CloneCD, even after it got shut down?

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    Originally posted by ozzy@Apr 2 2004, 12:14 PM
    Then why do you still have CloneCD, even after it got shut down?
    CloneCD problems dealt with a German law, which really does not concern us considering we are based in the United States.

    On another note, a lot of those DVD copying programs are bloated and generally useless. A lot of them are just bundles of freeware tools. There are excellent free tools that do the exact same jobs and will be around for a long time:
    DVD Decrypter - http://www.dvddecrypter.com/
    DVD Shrink - http://www.dvdshrink.org/


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    The home download page for DVD Decrypter (prolly the best freeware ripper) isnt obvious if you dont have a pics browser.(also FAQs Forum etc)
    Another very good freeware is SmartRipper the home page doesnt seem to be up but download links here
    More good freeware not readily available
    VCDEasy v1.1.5.2
    VCDEasy is an easy-to-use, yet powerful frontend for creating standard compilant VCDs or SVCDs with chapter points. This is the last freeware version of VCDEasy - later rels are shareware!
    Software homepage: http://www.vcdeasy.org/ (I dont think there is any free VCDEasy here)

    v1.1.5.2 should be the decrippled version but if it aint a possible solution is "Initially, this expiration was just for a way to warn many users. I put no complex code to check this expiration. Simply set your computer's clock to a date before the 21st of June 2003 when you run VCDEasy 1.1.5, it will then work."
    VCDEasy v1.1.5.1 expires (not posted)

    VCDEasy v1.1.5.2 last freeware no expiry Author had second thoughts (must of upset a few freeware fans)
    Well this ones freeware but its function testing is up to you
    DVD-ToolBox 1.0.7 Development stopped. freeware
    Home: http://www.vso-software.fr/
    "We have always been fair with our customers and DVD-Toolbox will no longer be developed as it is not very competitive compared to some other products"!!!!! These are those other products they now link to -Purchase 1Click DVD Copy for only $49.00 - or DVDXCopy XPRESS @ 60 to 120 $ I couldnt easily determine the price!!!. I maybe slow but I would of thought free is fairly competitive.

    Can still be found here
    DVD-ToolBox V1.07.50 (ripper burn manager) description & some working downloads Limitations: You need to have CopyToDVD to use the program.
    May have some ripping functions without the copytocd program << untested statement

    Apparently CopyToCDVersion was full function nagware perhaps without time limit it was the predecessor of CopyToDVD(time limited shareware) and a good chance of being compatible with dvd-toolbox.I&#39;ve got a link to Version it installs but I havent tried to run it.An earlier version 1.0.013 had an expiry date of 15 dec 2002

    Your welcome to test/play with this stuff

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    DVD FREEWARE some more "freeware" some could be bloat but its supposedly free bloat
    DVD Master Backup
    A one click DVD backup program &#33; (whos counting&#33;)
    Auto selection of the video and audio codec/bitrates.
    Make a standalone DIVX file that you can burn directly to a standard compact disk.
    home site has later version >>>>> http://dvdmb.maxitel.net/
    DVDx allows you to convert DVD to VCD2.0 or SCVD1.0 or AVI in one step..you don&#39;t need to have 5GB or more free on your hard disk and it is simple to use &#33;-
    DVX stands for DVB and DVD. DVX automates some of the most powerful video tools in order to create DivX or XviD videos out of DVB or DVD sources.
    In two steps, your favorite DVD has been cloned and will play on most home DVD players just like the original.
    Real DVD clone 1:1 &#33;&#33;
    http://www.dvdbackupxpress.com/download/dvdbx25.exe direct DOWNLOAD
    http://www.dvdripnburn.com/download/dvdrnb30.exe <<< direct DOWNLOAD
    looks like clone webpage of DVD BACKUP XPRESS
    Some CD/DVD rip & burn tools from http://www.paehl.de/cdr/
    All CDR-TOOLS are self compiled.
    EasyISO - FW edition
    http://www.freegames.dk/files/easyiso.zip <<<< DOWNLOAD
    Version: 1.3
    818.36 KB
    EasyISO is a simple, standalone (no install) CD Burning software with support for CDR/CDRW, DVD+RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW. It provides on-the-fly burning without creating any temporary files.This is not meant to be a fully featured burning package.

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    kutie pie


    hi guys i was woundering can anyone help me find a program that lets u convert a dvd to vcd format cause sometimes i wanna watch the dvds but i only have a portable vcd player and cant afford a portable dvd player thanks

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    home, try DVDx already posted above (scorceforge) its freeware and recommended - they also have their own guides and forum
    and more guides for it and vcdeasy-no longer free see above posts

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    VCDEasy is no longer free. So is there a link to the latest free version:

    I just checked DVD Decrypter and the website is down? If this is the best one, does some one have a copy?



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