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    Default Some questions about Linux

    Hey, Just wanted to ask, which Linux distribution is (in your opinion) "the best" ?
    -I'm using an "Intel based" computer.

    Also, what's a Live Cd?

    I want to use Linux for general work, internet, programming, games -not for a server etc just for my desktop computer.

    Thanks in advance

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    I have tried Kubuntu on my pc (i have a celeron d 352) it was alright at completing the tasks you have mentioned, find more info about it at...


    A live cd enables you to use/preview the software (operating system) whilst you can still use your current operating system as it doesn't affect the current running os, it just 'runs on top of it'.

    generally you put the live cd in your pc and boot from it, the software intalizes and you are able to preview it. then if you reboot the pc, take out the cd, you can carry on using your other operating system

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    I've been using Slackware Linux for about 10 years, and GNU/Linux and the *BSD for longer.
    Not too many games available for GNU/Linux. You can run some via WINE. But none of the Big names in games have yet to release anything for the OS.

    There really is not a single BEST distro. It all depends on your needs. Some are more geared towards experienced users, some more towards cutting-edge technology. Some are even specialized ones for playing movies, or video editing or audio editing only.

    I use Slackware as it for me is the best. As it is similar to the *BSD camps then any other. It's stable beyond any other distro I've tried.
    I use this is as main system, every single day. I have no problems with it. I've installed it on friends computers and they know nothing about Linux and never had to call to ask for help with any issues.

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    Kanotix 2005-4 is my favourite. What are the specifications of your PC?


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