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Thread: Laptops??

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    hey does anyone of you in here own a laptop? if so for how long have you been using it? am planning to buy it buy just doubtful of spending my money that way....err excuse me!

    or buying a desktop would be better?

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    it all depends on your needs and how you plan to use it and what for, personally i own a laptop as well as a 4 standard pcs as i use it for transporting stuff from place to place ie hundreds of image files etc etc, but if you will only be using it at home then no point in really buying a laptop if its going to be set up in the same place all the time,laptops are excellent but again if there are children around they can also be rather fragile with regards to the screen etc,my advice would definitely be,if you dont need it to be mobile and moved around all the time and used in different places,buy a desktop,feature wise they do run far cheaper than laptops anyway and for the same money you will get a lot higher spec desktop for the same money.
    simply me

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    I own a laptop, have made purchasing choices for others and have setup several laptops with various OS for various purposes.

    I've built laptops for a writer friend of mine, which the laptop is currently just used for writing novels. But since she will be heading back to college, I will be modifying the laptop to include the Windows 98se Operating System, as it currently only has Slackware-Linux installed. She only uses her laptop for writing, using Vim & LaTeX.

    My brother's laptop has both Slackware-Linux and Windows 2000. He uses his laptop for game modeling and overall everyday uses.

    My Laptop has Windows Me and Slackware-Linux and OpenBSD installed on it.
    I only use my laptop for a few things, such as reading PDF's, DVI's,. Doing some writing using LaTeX, XML, SGML... and when I do work on home remolding, I take the laptop & a few burnt DVD's with my music and some portable computer speakers, so I have music when working.

    But for the most part I have many desktop computers and workstations, which I won't trade-off for a laptop as it makes no sense. They are more expensive to upgrade and most have limitations on what and how far a system can be upgraded.

    The above mentioned laptops I have already done various repairs to them, from building a new power supply to replacing the LCD power inverter. I've even built/replaced a lost battery with several "C" sized dry-cells battery's.

    If you just surf the web, write e-mails and do some occasional tidbits of work, a laptop can be very convenient. A friend of mine, who owns a video production studio and handles a heavy workload of doing video commercials, does sometimes do her post-production at home via 2 laptops, they are both Mac's, since her whole video production studio only uses Apple Mac's for the work. So sometimes a laptop could be used for serious work. But again, her whole studio has desktop's for handling the majority of the creative process.

    it all depends on what you want to do with your system. They do cost alot more for a powerful machine than the cost of a desktop model. They can and often do break moreso than a desktop model, since they are stationary. Repairs are costly unless you can fix a broken LCD yourself, which not many can or will.

    The keyboards are smallish and take a while to get used to. I personally do not like the feel of their mushy keys.

    If, you consider how much money you are willing to spend, be it new or used, its possible you could buy BOTH.

    I've made several purchases from a place here in the USA, over in Ohio, which sells used systems. Laptops, Desktops, Workstations, Servers , Apples...... and all the machines are practically in mint condition, as they are usually obtained from large company's who sell their old machines during an upgrade.

    If you look around you might be able to squeeze a desktop and a laptop in your budget. Or, atleast obtain a decent a laptop.


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    hey thanks a lot guys!

    that was an immense help.....thanks again

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    Also Laptops are easier to STEAL! Not a good thing to loose a $2k notebook!

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    Notebook is easy to carry

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    One coin has two sides,Laptops is more portable comparing with desktop,but you have to take them with you all the time for sake of safty,while desktop may limit you location


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