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Thread: IE7 Thoughts

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    Default IE7 Thoughts

    I have always thought that IE7 was garbage,not only cause they tried to make it look like FF and Netscape,but the fact that MS wrote it......I thought something wouldnt be right about it (As i know how dirty MS has gotton) .. Well,my thoughts proved true!!! IT DOES SEND EVERY URL YOU VISIT TO MICROSOFT!!!

    This from a friend:

    DONT USE IT. IT DOES SEND EVERY LINK YOU VISIT TO MICROSOFT, they call it a FEATURE of there anti phising ability. it sends EVERY site you visit to mircosoft where they compare it to a list of known Phising sites then send back a WARNING if it is a phising site.
    YES,YOU CAN 'DISABLE' THIS FEATURE..I still wouldnt trust it though,who knows,it might still send the data even if you have it disabled!!!!

    This is just an xcuse to grab all the URLs people goto

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    Good way to find those hidden sites of Microsoft software titles.

    But thats not the only reason Not to use IE7. Another is, ofcourse they do not follow the w3c standard markup. They use their own Microsoft HTML code - again.
    This will make viewing websites difficult. and will once again produce the "best vieweed with IE7" banners once prevailant on the net.
    Microsoft never wants to follow established standards, they figure everyone will eventually follow theirs.

    I think IE should be stripped from the OS - as it was supposed to be. This will force people to make a conscious decision on using a web browser. As most only use what's available.

    I use Konqueror - as I stated many times. It uses the KHTML engine.
    Mac OSX Safari uses a version of the KHTML engine.
    Mozilla, Firefox uses the Gecko engine.

    Is IE7 going to be a good browser? With all the new additions they can toss into it, such as -finally, pop-up blockers, and everything else they can imagine, its doubtful it will be a great browser. Consider their last attempts with IE1-6, lots of security issues, bugs, exploits, now compound that with new additions. More code that will get out of control.

    Microsoft needs to spend more time improving their OS, let the browser war fall into history.

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    I found it, along with a review.


    10 Meg Download

    I wouldnt install this.....If some1 could upload JUST THE EXE (Iexplore.exe) here and paste the link,then we could take a gander at it w/o risking anything (I have heard people have problems getting rid of it once installed..It shouldnt hurt just looking at the EXE w/o installing it)

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    Really though, every "new" feature they added to IE was already provided by Mozilla and Google. The new Google Desktop 2 Beta provides many of the features that Windows Vista is supposed to contain... to 2000/XP users.

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    Just for laughs i wanted to try running the EXE and see what it looks like....A friend zipped the EXE and sent it to me....When i tried to run it,it said i was missing DLLs for the program..I have since found the correct way to do this......(Now all i need are the dlls)

    I will say this,THE "E" ON THE LOGO LOOKS DISGUSTING!!!!! (It was much cleaner with IE6 -- But no surprise there)

    Get IE 7 as separate program

    It is possible to package IE 7 as a separate standalone program, so that you can use it without having to overwrite IE 6. (Of course, there is not much point in getting the first beta - it's not like you are missing much

    First, you need someone else to install IE 7 for you. Then you need to get them to copy these files from the "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\" directory - any files that are not in that directory must be copied from "C:\Windows\system32\" instead - put the files into a new directory:

    browseui.dll, dispex.dll, duser.dll, dxtmsft.dll, dxtrans.dll, hmmapi.dll, ieframe.dll, ieproxy.dll, iexplore.exe, iexplore.exe.local, inetcpl.cpl, inetcplc.dll, jscript.dll, mshtml.dll, mshtml.tlb, mshtmled.dll, mshtmler.dll, shdocvw.dll, urlmon.dll, wininet.dll, xmlrw.dll

    Get them to add an extra file in the new directory they created. It must be called iexplore.exe.local and should be 0 bytes long (create an empty file in a text editor). Then get them to zip the contents of the new directory and send it to you. You can unzip it, and run iexplore.exe from that directory (I have only managed to get it running on Windows XP, not 2000, NT or the 9x/ME series). Welcome to IE 7.

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    I won't be trying IE7 until Windows Update Requires it.

    I am very satified with Netscape 8.0

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    Default MS Anti-Phising

    FWIW, if the code base for IE7 is the same as the code base for the MSN Search Toolbar add-in for IE6, by default it doesn't send details of all Web Sites visited ( I network-sniffed it - three times - no check to MS ). That's unless the user specifies that's what they want.
    Doesn't mean MS won't change it in the future though !

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    Welcome Ashore

    I hope your stay is a pleasant one


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