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    All I can say is that I am amazed with this documentary. This even makes me believe even more so what i've thought all along!! THAT THIS WAS ACTUALLY CARRIED OUT BY OUR OWN MILITARY.

    Seriously though, dont jump to conclusions and think this is hysteria. Watch this whole video:

    http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/v.../inplanesite.rm (you need real player) - this might take a minute or so to load, looks like the site is swamped with traffic

    I seriously am just amazed. Every single issue brought up in this video is a valid point. Every single fact point towards the fact that the US military was actually involved in both the WTC and the pentagon.

    Let me know what you all think after watching this 52 minute video.


    This info was emailed to me and way to big to post openly on this message,so im linking it and letting peeps look at this that way.....

    This is a very serious event and needs to be looked at THOUGHLY and not just let yourself "LED TO BELIEVE THE ACTIONS OF THOSE WHOS ACTIONS ARENT CLEARLY KNOWN"


    In Particular,these 4 links to another video like (IN PLANE SITE) should be paid very close attention to:

    To download the free Internet Version of "Painful Deceptions" DVD click on the following links:

    Part I.

    http://www.reopen911.org/video/painful_dec...ysis_of_the_911 _attack_part1.wmv

    Part II

    http://www.reopen911.org/video/painful_dec...ysis_of_the_911 _attack_part2.wmv

    Part III

    http://www.reopen911.org/video/painful_dec...ysis_of_the_911 _attack_part3.wmv


    http://www.reopen911.org/video/painful_dec...ysis_of_the_911 _attack_addendum.wmv

    You can see THIS and more in that 'CONDITIONZERO' link above......

    I watched the whole thing and i started crying..........I am very convinced.............And i know im not the only one either......

    God Bless

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    i can understand your passion and interest dude but is this forum really suitable for such postings, many people can easily be upset by this kind of thing

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    Says that the plane in Pennsylvania on 9/11 was shot down.

    Did he actually make a mistake and said something incorrect? Or did he let slip what really happened? After all the plane was headed for the white house or pentagon,so someone shooting it down would make sense!!!!!!!!! !!!! (To prevent this)

    I dunno

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    No, this might not be the Rite place, but then again, where is the Rite place????? I have such a slow connection, that I probably wont wait for a 52 min video download, but I know some others will watch and learn. The govt. ALWAYS tells us what we want to hear and NOT what they should!!!! Just look at JFK and the Warren commision if you want proff!!!!

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    been looking a while thanks

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    This is the GENERAL DISCUSSIONS message base..

    Topics of ANY DISUCSSIONS can be talked about ON THIS BASE,so i think people dont really mind (I hope they dont anyway)

    God Ble$$

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    A nice site in this context .... http://www.pentagonstrike.co.uk

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    Default [Video] 911 Bomb Montage

    Video entitled 'You are being lied to' featuring a bunch of eye witness comments referring to explosions inside of the WTC. [Video]


    And here are some pics of a pod on the second aicraft and the pod sticking out building.



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    Really no reason to bump this thread again. Be careful to not get too conspirational as it does have a negative effect on your psych and your credibility is diminished heavily in the real world. Anyone can can take any any event and spin it to influence others opinions. It is done all the time by our politicans, media, advertisements, and people in general.

    I would definitely not cross that line and say that the attack on this country was carried out by our own. That is not to say that President Bush benefited greatly from 9/11 and exploited everyone to increase his executive power. The vote in 2003 in Congress was a joke. Carl Rove planned it out pretty perfectly. People in Congress could not go against the bill at the current time as it would totally kill their political career by not being behind our president. One of my History professors wrote a letter to both Clinton & Kerry urging them not to VOTE on this resolution as this was basically a blank check written to Bush for the go ahead on the War on Whatever. They replied back saying that this vote was necessery to PREVENT war and "disarm Iraq." Of course, the irony really shines through when the whole basis of this war was a lie in the first place. Does anyone really think that we would have attacked Iraq if they had weapons of mass destruction? Wouldn't they..then be inclined to - you know..use those weapons? We were not stupid enough to attack the Soviet Union during the Cold War, so we had to fight our ways around it without a direct clash with the Soviet Union to avoid nuclear war.

    In the 2004 election, Kerry was critisized against his stance on the War in Iraq because the Bush administration claimed that they voted upon this issue. Unfortunutely, he didn't have the balls to stand up to Bush and tell him that it was actually Bush that was deceiving the country and Kerry actually remained extremely consistent on this issue. Oh well, such is politics.
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    Alex Levine


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