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Thread: Windows 95

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    is it prossable for windows 95 too run kazaa if it is which version do i use.

    thanks bob

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    version 2.5 should be okay i ran it on windows 95 for a while although it does contain other programs , read other topics on kazaa which are recent regarding spyware etc.

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    I dont have win95 (Thank god for small favors) but,what if you took all the 98 updates and added them to 95,would it be just as good???

    I was wondering this just for sh*ts and giggles.........

    The Dude

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    Originally posted by The Dude@Dec 26 2003, 05:08 AM
    I dont have win95 (Thank god for small favors) but,what if you took all the 98 updates and added them to 95,would it be just as good???

    I was wondering this just for sh*ts and giggles.........

    The Dude
    If you took the updates, meaning core components, then you would have yourself Windows 98, if you mean the patches from Microsoft, they would not work as you could not patch the files, you'd get a bunch of filesize mismatch errors.
    you would need to change alot of the core components to turn it into win98, and if you were sucessful, you would prolly run into alot of problems then after with conflicting version numbers.

    so your best bet would then just be to update to 98. rem also that 98 requires more RAM then 95, as it now loads more dlls & support files when booted.

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    Checke here http://www.microsoft.com/windows95/downloa...ads/default.asp If you need to have some updates for Windows 95. Also try to search around C|Net's http://download.com for any additional patches provided by Microsoft. The Windows Update site is still working for IE5/Win95, but its updates listing has not been appended with newer updates that could be downloaded when C|Net's software update service still worked. And it did very good work, at that ^_^.

    Another thing is that when you are going to update something check to see if the files affected (most pages for separate updates contain reference a Microsoft KnowledgeBase or TechNet security article by its reference numbers) actually need updating.

    Many of the updates are security and stability updates; some may and some may not apply to you. You would have to be a very seasoned Windows users to know how to see if an update needs applying or not.

    Such a shame that there is no open-source tool that would be up-to-date and automatically providing references to any necessary updates for Windows 95 and that would be able to search through the whole computer and have similar functions to C|Net's software update service.

    Having Windows 95 in itself is not a bad thing, especially when you have an older computer, but updating it to accommodate newer software (K-Meleon and msn messenger 5 are not the best of examples, but they should do for now) is hard work once all automation is gone.

    Also I suggest you to make a http://google.com search for "Windows 95 user groups" in hopes of finding peer support.

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    I use WinMX on Win 95 and have no problems.


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