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    Default Flash Player

    I need the FULL version of Flash 5 not Flash Player 5, the one for making movies animations and such. thank you, dont tell me to search because the ones i found the links were broken

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    Thanks Therese, but I wanted full version, I already used up te trial version

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    I believe your only option then is to buy it.
    Alex Levine

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    If you want the stand alone Player, as noted in the subject (as other people will stumble here looking for it)...

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    Default Macromedia Flash Player

    Program Name: Macromedia Flash Player
    Website: Macromedia
    Current version: 8
    Desired versions: 7
    Description: Flash is a program developed by Macromedia. It is widely used for internet development. It can be intergrated with most other Mecromedia products, such as dreamweaver or Fireworks.

    thanks so much you guys!

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    welcome to oldversion my friend.always try and search before posting requests to see of your answer is already there.in this case it is,a quick search turned up this thread http://www.oldversion.com/talk/showthread.php?t=182 which contains a link to this page http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/kn...fm?id=tn_14266.
    simply me

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    That's the thing. I need macromedia Flash in a downloadable exe or atleast I mean from a site other than Macromedia's. Our yearbook Virtual Book through josten's yearbook avenue requires Flash Player 7, and I have gotten permission from my teacher to download it, but our computer admin wont release access to the site
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    Default Macromedia Flash Player Should be Here

    Macromedia's Flash player should be on here. I even found archived versions 2 to 7. The current is version 8. Get the old versions here.

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    Default Macromedia Flash Player

    Program Name: Macromedia Flash Player
    Website: http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/...ShockwaveFlash
    Current version: 8
    Desired versions: 7
    Description: The stand-alone flash player. I managed to find 7 on Limewire but I think it might be useful for others as some applications created in Flash 7 refuse to work properly on Flash 8.


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