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Thread: Napster?!?

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    Default Napster?!?

    I recently found this site, and downloaded Napster, which i wanted so i can play my music on.

    But when i try and connect i get this:

    Unable to resolve Server address server.napster.com!

    I have searched the forums and found alot of topics covering this and found several threads about a napnav ( I THINK ITS CALLED THAT)

    Not being good with pcs i had to idea what to do. so i was wondering if someone could explain it for me.

    Many thanks..

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    First read through all this existing thread
    which will probably strangely enough be this thread
    then when you have tried those dead links you could try this mirror.
    Napster User Key Generator
    "...This script works with Napster 2 beta 4 - beta 10-3."
    Use the UserKeyGen Then copy and paste to note pad . Save this file as youchooseaname.reg
    Double click this and install it to your registry.

    I dont use this ware but you may also have to install Napigator

    however I think you can close it once napster is up and running.

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    Yes the above works fine,and your right,Napigator is only needed if you wanna find servers to logon to for chat,etc........

    Welcome to the site decktape....I hope your stay is a pleasant one!!!

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    Use the UserKeyGen Then copy and paste to note pad . Save this file as youchooseaname.reg
    Double click this and install it to your registry.

    Sorry to be a pest, but how do you install this to your registry?


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    Just double click the file my friend,it will insert itself into your reg

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    Default No Luck

    I'm wanting to use an older version of napster to listen to music as well, however I cannot seem to get any of the links to work. I am in desperate need of the login generator. Can someone please send it to me? I've searched this site high and low for it, I have googled beyond all that is google-able. Any and all help will be appreciated. Quickysilver2005@yahoo.com

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    I apologize for any inconvience but I found what I was looking for. Anyone who wants/needs the Napster Login Generator should type it into google. A link will come up but it is so old it doesn't work. Instead of clicking the link, click where it says cache. If all goes well the page will come up and you can generate your code. Thanx Google! Now that i have it to working, it seems as if my internal player doesn't work well, music goes through fine but it doesn't show the "timestamp" I'm guessing its called. Any ideas on a fix? I'm running Windows XP Pro. I bet there is a pacth I need.

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    Default napster question #1

    i wanna use the old napster version,so clean and organize,music listed in alphabetical order,awesome,BUT THIS IS THE PROBLEM


    i don't wanna download music with it,i just wanna play music with it

    how i can go thru that? if i can

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    Dec 2006


    Well I suppose you may modify your hosts file so that SERVER.NAPSTER.COM points to (that is your machine)

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    The sites are all down.

    However, if anyone needs, I still have the Napster Login Generator html page saved to a disk. If someone needs it let me know. FYI tho, I don't believe any old versions of Napster Beta 10.4 and lower work on Windows 7 at all.


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