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    Default iPod can work on 98se and Me

    iPod and Windows Media Player can work, but you would need something like xPlay from Media Four.
    HTML Code:
    It says under requirements iPods can sync through Windows 98se and Windows Me using Windows Media Player or not. There is a trial, or you can buy it. Its no iTunes, but it can help. Also, try Real Player 10. It's free, songs are cheap, and it works with the iPod. That is what I like to use.
    HTML Code:
    This is the link to the Real 10 download. Real tries to make you want to download Premium and hide Basic pretty well on their site. I hoped this helps.

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    I think RP10 is garbage..

    Ads on your screen,way over bloated,etc.............

    The last good version of RP was 8/8+ (That was right before AOL bought them and ruined it)

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    Default Old Itunes

    Hi i was wodering if somone could send me an older version of itunes because the new 6.0 seems to not be working.


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    Default help

    im trying to get itunes to work with xp pro 64 bit.... any ideas? i heard version 4.9 of itunes works

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    Default To mswer

    Do you think you could send me iTunes 5.0? 6.0 is ridiculous.

    My e-mail is: marleypoooo@yahoo.com


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    Please try my edited post on page one of this thread.

    b.t.w. have you read the sticky on how to request.

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    Default itunes

    I would really be greatful if I could get an old version of itunes. I have songs that won't work on my new dell computer because now itunes wants a fee. I have paid for these songs and want to use them. Your message gives me hope. THANKS!!!

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    Default old versions of itunes

    Hi, Happy day!! I finally found someone who can help me avoid the costs of itunes 7.0 or 6.0. Thanks for being here.

    I am a novice on doing computer work so I hope you can help me load an itunes version that won't cost me an arm and a leg!

    Have a great day. Dr. Bill drbill48@hotmail.com

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    Default drbill48

    Quote Originally Posted by mswer
    I have the installers for iTunes 4.2, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.8, 4.9, 5.0, and 5.0.1. I imagine that at least some of these may be useful to users. Every few weeks in the forums I'm part of someone pops in and asks for an old version of iTunes for this or that reason. This very thing happened at ArsTechnica today and I was going to direct him to OV but I found the iTunes section empty. Is that the case for some legal reason? If not, I'd like to offer to upload/send my installers to add to this site.

    I also have a slew of old eMule installers and I notice you don't have any although since thats OSS you might be able to get old versions from SourceForge.

    I also have installers for old versions of EZ-CD-DA Extractor (http://www.poikosoft.com/) and I imagine those might be sought after because starting with version 7 the shareware setup because very restrictive but before that it was very open.

    Any interest in any of these?

    Hi, I am a real novice to computers but I would like to know how to download an older version of ITunes. I want to get away from paying the cost for the new versions. Thanks Dr. Bill

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    does 5.0 or 5.0.1 have video capabilites?
    if so i would greatly appreciate the installer file

    o and this is how you do a bunny:
    .. /)/)
    . ( . .)
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