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Thread: MGI PhotoSuite

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    Default MGI PhotoSuite

    Program Name: MGI PhotoSuite
    Website: http://www.mgisoft.com/products/phot...ndex_flash.asp
    Current version: SE 4.0
    Desired versions: 8.1
    Description: Photo/image editor, converter, etc.

    Need 8.1 edition of MGI PhotoSuite, thanks.

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    Default MGI Photo Suite 8.1

    Hello all.
    I'm a newbie here but maybe I can help. I am a designer of tooling at my employment. I also hold titles for A+ and C++ certifications from Microsoft.
    I have a complete bundled copy of:
    MGI Photo Suite 8.1
    MGI Photo Suite SE 1.1
    MGI Video Wave III SE
    Would this help?

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    Please don't offer software to others on this board unless the software is either freeware or shareware. This is not a board to share full versions.
    This is your second post of this nature.

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    Default MGI photosuite

    dose anyone have a free one thay can send me???????????i have looked everywhere and no luck at all if so u can send it here lllllldarkelitellllll@hotmail.com thanx a bunch

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    Default MGI PhotoSuite III Platinum Ed 1

    I purchased this program about 2000 and have always used it and enjoyed it. It became corrupt on my machine, then I discovered it wouldn't install, so I've lost it. I have a lot of saved projects and files that I can no longer view, use or edit. I contacted them but they too have been taken over and no longer have or support that issue. Is there anyway to get the file that I can re-register with my registration info?
    Tim T

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    Default Photosuite


    Does anyone have the old program Photosuite v 8.06? It is a nice photo editing cum viewing program. It used to be distributed free of cost with HP and some other printers earlier. Understand the company has since been taken over by Microsoft and they have come out with a later version which is no good. Pls forward it to me if any of you readers have it as many of my old pictures are in .cft format usable on that program.



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    Default Mgi

    This site came up while I was searching for a downloadable copy of MGI PhotoSuite 2(II). I had a serious computer crash and purchased a new base unit today and realised I seem to have NOT moved some of the programs before the unit gave out. My problem, if it is that, is I actually LIKE Photosuite2 more than the host of others that I have either seen advertised or have/are using. I did have a disk but we moved home just over a year ago and the disk I believe went awol at that time. Naturally I hadn't looked for it until I waned to reinstall on my new machine.
    Anyway, I've seen 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 and 11 versions around but I kinda like the old version better, Photosuite 2. Has anyone, would anyone happen to have a copy of that particular program, pls...

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    I too seek PhotoSuite
    Jsut upgraded from Windows 98 to Vista
    I was using MGI Photosuite 8.1
    I would really appreciate it if someone could let me how to get this and run it on my new machine.
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Default MGI Photosuite on Vista, THE FINAL SOLUTION!!!

    First you need to get hold of an MGI disc or a download. I have been trying to get MGI Photosuite III SE to install on Vista for months without success and then when I thought I'd finally sorted it I could not launch the program due to a script error. You do not need Virtual PC, Virtual XP or any add-ons. Simply find and right click the the MGI setup file, check the run in compatibility mode as Windows XP SP2 and install. After install, send a program launch shortcut to your desktop, right click, go to properties and check the Windows XP compatibility mode once again. Finally, while you still have the compatibility screen open add a tick check to Run As Administrator. Hey presto my beloved MGI Photosuite is back! MGI is fantastic for being user friendly and simple, and although I know other users insist there are better programs, Iíve tried loads and I still think itís a winner.

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    Default MGI Photosuite on Vista, THE FINAL SOLUTION!!!

    MGI Photosuite also works with HP printers in Vista, for those who have had problems running them both together.
    Last edited by Del Fuller; 11-07-2009 at 04:03 PM. Reason: duplicated main message


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