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    Default Trouble with iTunes

    hi, i'm a first time poster, i hope you guys can help me out.

    I upgraded my iTunes to a newer version about a week ago, and ever since then it won't open. I'll click on the icon, and the computer will "think" like it's about to bring it up... then nothing. Then I'd try to pull it up another way, by finding it on the start menu, and same thing. No error messages pop up or anything, I scan it for viruses and none are found. When I hit ctrl+alt+del iTunes doesn't come up as a running program or anything, but when I shut down the computer a window pops up for closing iTunes and that it's not responding. I'm afraid of deleting it and reinstalling iTunes because I'm afraid of losing all of my songs. Somebody please help!!! I'm a college boy... so my life is full of too much stress to begin with!

    Thank you!!!

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    Default iPod and iTune problems

    Good day

    It seams that your iPod has not overwrit the old iTune version with the new you installed. Try to install the old version of iTune you had in the beginning. It might overwrit a few song but at least you will not loose all of them.

    If this does not work, your best bet would be to download the music you have on your iPod back to your hard drive on your PC. Then, you will be able to re-install the iPod software along with the iTune.

    If you can not do that directly from the iPod. You can install your iPod Hard drive into a Laptop to recuperate your music by booting to the DOS prompt and copy all of them to a PC.

    To stay on the safe side, you should stick with what is working, updates and upgrades of most software creates more problem than it solves. Wait at leat six month of a new version to be available before using it. Software corps tend to get "full of bugs software" and relies on people like you and me to detect and go through problems (such as the one you have right now).

    Need more assistance please advise.

    Good day and good luck

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    do you know where i could download the older version? the one before the new one?


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