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    Originally posted by Brian@May 10 2003, 04:48 PM
    I found this site by accident when I mistyped messenger.msn.com, and it came up so I checked it out. I am familiar with some members here from other bulletin boards (ie. AddleBrain, FreeISP (?) (the one that Alex and Igor currently or used to run.)
    heh, brings back the memories
    Alex Levine

  2. #22


    I asked Jeeves. (we always askjeeves first) Even tho we have a brand new puter the old one is setup side by side and some of the older stuff runs better on the new one too. Its nice here.

  3. #23


    Found oldversion.com by searching google for archived versions of Internet Explorer 5.x.

    Results had this site and evolt.com for best bets.

    I didn't think it would be this hard to do a complete rebuild of a Win95 machine :angry:

  4. #24


    A warez site

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    Super Moderator
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    May 2003


    in my bookmarks, i had it bookmarked from a while back, so i can't rem exactly how I found it. prolly found it when I was restoring an old 286 laptop and was looking for an old version of Kermit for transferring files from server to old 286.
    never got an old Kermit or whatever I was looking for. but did give alot of life to old 286 laptop.
    or maybe it was when I was looking for TandyDesktop.

    maybe I got it from
    which is a place for old win3.1 information.

  6. #26


    Was walking along the beach admiring the wheeling gulls and frolicking dolphins when a large wave broke and as the water receded there spelled out in seaweed was OLDVERSION.COM

  7. #27


    not sure, i think the forums of the-underdogs.org

    [don't remember; had it bookmarked a long time ago...]

  8. #28


    found it at a MSN community help site ............ hmmmmmmmmmm go figure ! lol :lol:

  9. #29


    I know the administrator somewhat.

    Very cool guy.

  10. #30


    Searching google for "F-Prot AV for DOS", the following turned up:

    Local Knowledge

    Under the heading "Because newer is not always better", there was a link to
    OLD VERSIONS, and I decided to check it out.

    -- willperk


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