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Thread: Zonealarm Hell

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    Jim Burton


    Used ZoneAlarm 2.6 "free" painlessly for about a year, then took the bait to upgrade to 3.1.395, and thereafter was plagued with consistent disconnects (with an "always on" ADSL connection). Unable to resolve, attempted to revert via this site to the old 2.6 version, and was "locked out" by ZA, taking 2 hours of hell to get back to simply being able to have internet access. I recall once noting on another bbs, which one I am not sure, that trying to uninstal ZA was a horrendously treacherous process. Does anyone know where I can find info on how to get back to ZA 2.6 without the aggravation and frustration that ZA has obviously coded into the process (with there solution being to purchase the non free version)? ZA "free" is NOT free, it COSTS you in wasted time, and takes time off of your life via spiking your blood pressure... Good product, unethical practices......I guess there is no "free lunch"... Thanks for any help.

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    Reasons why zone alarm sucks...
    If you try to uninstall or upgrade there is a good chance it will mess up your system.
    If a hacker wants in your computer, zone alarm will not stop them.
    Its an annoying program with all the popups.

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    The new free version of ZA is a contradiction of what a firewall should do. It attempted to make a dial-up connection everytime I started my pc. Thought I had a trojan until I uninstalled ZA.
    It sucks! Big time. DL'ing old version now. And hey Zonelabs! I'd never buy anything from somebody that uses these tactics.

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    Try the free version of Outpost. I've been using it for a year (since I ditched ZA) and it's very well behaved.

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    Originally posted by neo4s@Feb 7 2003, 11:15 PM
    Reasons why zone alarm sucks...
    If you try to uninstall or upgrade there is a good chance it will mess up your system.
    ZA mess up my computer when I uninstall it.
    I am now useing Sygate Personal Firewall 5.0

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    Hi there

    I had a major computer crash and had to recover my OS from scratch. I lost everything so I set about downloading all the programs I used to have. I downloaded ZA (I had been using the older version for a year) and it totally messed up my internet connection. My ISP ran several tests with me and everytime, it was ZA that was causing the problem.

    I have now installed Outpost (after messing around with cleaning up ZA bits in my registry - and it's great.

    Won't be getting ZA again. :P

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    Must say that I have had absolutely no problems with ZA. I guess I lucked out. I have the option of Useing Norton Personal Firewall what do you all have to say about NPF?

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    Beats ZA easily, much more advanced than ZA mind.

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    The Muffin Man


    I have no problems with ZoneAlarm, but that is only because I know
    how to configure it. ZoneAlarm is great...if you know how to use it.
    If you don't, then you are going to have a fit trying to work with it.

    ZoneAlarm (the free version) is a bitch because you have to open ports
    for a range of IP addresses to allow a DSL connection. ZoneAlarm Pro
    (I have that, yay) automatically adds your connection to a "new network"
    making it a lot easier.

    You get what you pay for....

    ZoneAlarm - Bitch to work with unless you know your shit.
    ZoneAlarm Pro - Easier, but can be annoying.


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