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    May 2006

    Default Microsoft Internet Explorer

    someone out there please help me!! i finally figured out that i could put explorer 5.5 on windows 95 so i did, i was working with 4.0 that someone installed a long time ago. got it unzipped, now there is a file with tons of stuff in it!!! what in the world do i do with it?? do i go to each thing, (advauth.cab, decom 95, lelpkad.cab, webfldrs.cab, to name just a few!!!!), and unzip each of them or has it taken over the old 4.0 that was already installed? when i click on the 4.0 internet explorer comes on, when i click on the 5.5 i get just the winzip screen asking if i want to unzip it again, i have already been told it is unziped, i don't want to have a thousand copies so i don't unzip it again. can some one please take pity on me and tell me what's up? i'll never be lucky enough that it just took over 4.0!! i can't be that lucky!! out on a limb!!!
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    Look for an exe file that includes "setup" in the name and run it.

    Something Like:
    • ie5setup.exe
    or similar.

    It will extract what it needs from the cab files and install the application.

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    Default Pete, Knocked Out My Internet Connection, Forgive Me For Not Responding Sooner?

    Well, I ran the Internet Explorer 5.5 like you said. Thank you very much for telling me how. But somehow along the way I knocked out all of my internet, and that was Tuesday!! I had to wait until now, Saturday, 3:00 in the afternoon for a new CD to put
    into the computer to put it back on!! I live in Holland and they do not do things very quickly around here! Actually I got another one from the internet company but it was the wrong one so I had to wait for a second one. I hope that you forgive me, and, if you ever help me again, please don't think I'm ungrateful, I just did something wrong!! I think that's why my friends call me Calamity Vickie! Hurricane Vickie sometimes! I can really do some special things to a computer that no one else in the world can do!!
    Anyway, now that I'm back on line, the 5.5 works great!

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    Default Ie 6

    Please get Internet Explorer 6. I upgraded to IE 7 and it is horrible. I like and use Firefox but my wife uses IE. She doesn't like the new version as it is too different from the old IE's.

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    Default AT&T Worldnet branded IE

    I'm trying to track down any copies of MS Internet Explorer that have been branded by AT&T Worldnet (with the Internet Explorer Administration Kit). Any help in tracking these down would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default AT&T Yahoo

    It seems like there is also an AT&T Yahoo! browser. Any pointers to downloads for either of these would be very helpful. Thanks.

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    Looks like you can DL the software here


    IE is most likely included in the bundle (Which you can probably extract from the package and delete the rest)

    Good luck...Welcome ashore!


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