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    Paint Shop Pro 7 was the last version which included the classic Jasc design. In version 8, the interface is strikingly a rip off of Adobe Paint Shop. The entire reason I used this program was because of it's easier interface that performed practically all the same functions as Adobe. Euro Distribution is preferred.

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    I cant find this ANYWHERE. Please add this and contact me (codepinkxx@hotmail.com) when added. Thnx.

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    Originally posted by Shea@Oct 2 2004, 05:27 PM
    I cant find this ANYWHERE.
    Did you not see the Howto Request an App pinned to the very top of this board?
    I am curious as to why people are unable to see it. Its on the top, first topic....

    Had you read the Howto, you would have seen the sentence about searching before posting, Since you said you can not find this anywhere, you did not try very hard to search previous threads. As you can see, there are many threads in this topic.

    If you want to be contacted, then you should register, and then subscribe to a thread. Which when updated, it would e-mail you letting you know a reply was written to your post.

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    Program Name: animation shop
    Website: http://www.jasc.com
    Current version: 3
    Desired versions: any
    Description: Animation Shop gives you the ability to easily create buttons, banners, and other animations.

    i searched the forum and i didn't find any...only one but they requested it wrong so they didn't help...i need the full version because my free one has expired...and i'm not planning on buying it yet.
    thanks for your help... :blink:

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    for once a properly made out request,unfortunately to supply you with a full version would be illegal, that is the idea of a trial version , to give the user the chance to try it before PURCHASING it , if you want to carry on using the app after the trial period then purchase it , or use a freeware alternative try searching the forums as photoshop and similar apps have been requested before and those threads will have other titles and links in them

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    Originally posted by guest_loser@Oct 16 2004, 12:40 PM
    i searched the forum and i didn't find any...only one but they requested it wrong so they didn't help...
    As the Howto notes. Please post into an already existing thread, regardless of the replies. This keeps the board clean, less cluttered and more useable for future requestees.

    Requesting a Full Version is NOT what this board is about. And it is illegal, no matter what others may think, or feel towards sharing full versions of software, it is not condoned, tolerated here.

    There are many apps you can use that are freeware if you can not afford the licensing fees.

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    is it possible if there can be a free download for PaintShop Pro 9? Like the one that is totally free with no charge.. I don't think anyone can do that.. Why bother asking?

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    http://www.jasc.com/en/products/default.asp?locid=3712 there is no such thoing as a totally free version of psp 9 they do a demo version try it and if you like it then you can buy a licence for the program. please when making requests search before posting and always add your request to an existing thread that way it keeps all relevent information together, search through past postings for paintshop and other such as photoshop threads and if you want a totally free program there are a few listed.one such thread http://www.oldversion.com/talk/index.php?a...l=paintshop+pro

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    Joe Delaney


    I was hoping that someone on this brilliant forum might be able to assist me.

    I am looking for a copy of Jasc's Paint Shop Pro VERSION FOUR.

    I need this for an old computer I am sorting out for someone at the minute, I had it on CD but as usual when I go to look for it that CD is missing.

    If anyone could help I would be very grateful!

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    As always, please search before posting, and when posting, follow the pinned topic. If you had, you would have found this thread, which might have a link for what your looking for.


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