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    Default <b>I need help figuring out if I am insane!!

    Last night I went out to friendlies with a friend and as i watched the process a million different questions and ideas poped into my head reating to how the mechanics of it all worked. these are my thoughts. i wrote them later in the night. some of it might not make sense or mabye none of it does but i was simply wondering if you guys would lend me your thoughts on my short essay i wrote.

    here is it

    __________________________________________________ ___________________
    Scenario: I am in the restaurant and I am at the final stage of getting out. Paying and leaving the tip. As Kallie and I wait there we figure out that the Bill and tip would be more than we had in cash. I decided to use a debit card and we proceeded to pay at the counter. Our waitress was very easily confused when I was adding the tip into the total bill then subtracting the cash on hand. This would leave me with X as the amount to be put on the debit card. A 27 to 35 year old woman who cannot figure out a three step equation quickly in her head is clearly incapable of being anything else besides a waitress. This is the result of their poor academic achievement or mental incapacities that are really difficult to overcome or impossible to be changed. This is not meant to be harsh or judgmental those who wait tables. All I feel I want to do is document the inerworkings of life without making the facts pain and open. Using a no nonsense way of presenting the facts for the education of the people. Doing what is best for society as a whole. No matter how minuet it does not matter all that matters is our instincts telling us to do everything right in order to ensure the very basic survival of the species. All this woman could get for a job was a waitress. The reason being the customers nowadays write the tip on the bill and do the math themselves. Therefore the woman can get jobs at places where their employer is smart enough to realize that they can hire an ignorant person, to pay minimum wage. This results in a huge profit. The slight gamble of boring or angering a smart person this resulting in smart people thinking negative thoughts of restaurant XXXXXX (speaking purely, logically and mathematically) this would cause a decrease in the probability that there would be return business or increased business. Increased business would be caused by word of mouth from knowledge supplied by someone who previously experienced the thought under scrutiny. Therefore a decrease in uninformed consumers causes the possibility of a gain which is a positive for the survival of the company. by giving ignorant people the position to force interaction. There is little chance of a net loss for the company simply thinking theoretically. The gain in net profit due to the ability to pay this person a very low hourly wage to do simple chores is a large enough gain that it can be exploited for the good of the company on this person is worth that slight chance that will happen. Gambling is often a bad thing, due to the probability that there will be a negative profit. This creates the possibility that a big gain in net profit with few chances of possible acceptable losses will be an overall gain. The probability that the employee perform their duty in a resulting negative situation far favors the positive side This means that we are currently tipping the waitresses 15 to 20 percent of the cost it is for us to eat out. Waitresses main commission is bring our food from the kitchen to the table. This is not a job that deserves 5 dollars be added to my 33 dollar check.

    this is as far as i got.
    thanks for any feedback.
    and i was just kidding about the insanity. lawls
    -The Rabid Dog-
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