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    Default Yahoo Messenger for Mac

    Program Name: Yahoo Messenger
    Website: Yahoo.com
    Current version: 2.5.3 and higher
    Desired versions: Version that works with older Mac OS than 8.6
    Description: I've had no luck with this search anywhere. I was referred here by a friend who got his older version of yahoo messenger here, but it doesn't look like that spanned to a macintosh-based messenger version. Was there a yahoo messenger that worked for Mac OS 8.5.1 at all? And if so, if someone could point that out to me, I'd appreciate it. Yahoo's not being cooperative.

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    as this is a windows forum there are not many familiar with mac,but Locustfurnace our excellent moderator does use different os types and may give a pointer next time hes signed in.
    simply me

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    Hello macgreen!

    The following versions should work with your operating system...

    Minimum system requirements:
    - Mac OS 8.1 with CarbonLib 1.0.4
    - PPC





    More infos about these versions...

    If you are looking for mac files versiontracker.com is one of the best sources, in my opinion.

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    Thanks for the assist. Now I just ahve to figure out this carbonlib problem... I installed carbonlib 1.0.4 as required. but for some reason, the 2.5 version I downloaded doesn't find it when I try to get yahoo messenger to work. Any suggestions on how I can fix that, without downloading the next step up? Which I'm gonna try anyway.

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    Sorry, you've got me stumped. I have sent a pm to Locustfurnace. Maybe he can help you.

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    Currently I do not have any of my old Mac's setup to do any testing, no space left for them. I presently just run my new iMac (Intel CoreDuo).

    I would just double check your installation. Make sure you have turned on Carbonlib in the extension manager.

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    I reinstalled CarbonLib and made sure it was turned 'on'. Now I'm getting a different error- "CarbonLib--DisposeControlColorupp" Could not be found.

    I've been looking on google for this error, but I can't find a thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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